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Introduction to Veterinary Technology

Compare the credentialing and regulation of veterinary technicians in the AVMA Model Veterinary Practice Act with the credentialing and regulation of veterinary technicians in the Veterinary Practice Act and Administrative Regulations in the state where you live. Ensure you include some general information about each of the acts, highlighting the similarities and differences between the model practice act and the practice act in your state. Information about what it means to become a credentialed vet tech and the process to become credentialed in your state should be included.

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Abstract – This paper studies the use of facial recognition technologies to prevent crime. The most common technologies that are being used for security and authentication purposes are analyzed. The Eigenface method is the most used facial recognition technology, it can be used for security and authentication purposes. This method focuses on the aspects of the face stimuli that are important for identification, this is done by decoding face images into significant local and global ‘features’. There are many ways for law enforcement to help them in decreasing the amount of crime. Four of these ways that use facial recognition are: FaceIt, matching faces from live security images, face recognition in photographs and face recognition from sketches. As these technologies are improving very rapidly, the dangers and ethical issues also have to be taken into account before the technologies can actually be used in our daily lives. From this paper can be concluded that facial recognition creates a lot of opportunities to help prevent crime. However, there are still a lot of difficulties that can cause problems when these techniques are used in the real world. 1. Introduction Every day a lot of crimes take place. Criminality is a big problem all over the world. It is a challenge to track down criminals and Artificial Intelligence could help with this. The technologies that exist nowadays make it easier to identify individuals. One of these technologies is facial recognition. These technologies have the ability to identify criminals. Facial recognition algorithms can compare two sets of data. When a match has been found, a person could be identified. This leads to the following question: “How can facial recognition be used to prevent everyday crime?” The research question is limited to everyday crime, since facial recognition is used in a lot of fields. By everyday crime is meant: robbery, violence, drug sales, insults, threats, forgery, driving under influence, growing hemp, theft, rape, (severe) abuse and murder. To answer the main research question a few subjects will be reviewed. The facial recognition technologies which exists and how they work will be discussed. The results of what the technologies have brought so far will be evalu

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