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Issues and Constitutional Rights in Corrections

Prior to beginning work on this assignment, read Chapters 1 and 2 from your textbook, watch the video Overcrowded: The Messy Politics of CA’s Prison Crisis, and review pages 2513-2533 only from the article Whom Should We Punish, and How? Rational Incentives and Criminal Justice Reform. This assignment includes an outline described below. The outline’s purpose is for you to prepare a foundation for your approach to your Week 2 assignment.

Including a minimum of two scholarly and/or credible resources, please prepare an outline of issues in corrections that briefly addresses, in approximately one paragraph each, the following:

Explain the issue(s) in at least one U.S. Supreme Court Case published within the past 10 years that addresses the balance between constitutional rights of incarcerated persons and administrative functions in corrections. (Approximately one paragraph)
To assist you with this part, note that the issue(s) in a U.S. Supreme Court case typically refers to the main challenge or claim that the court ultimately addresses in its ruling. For example, in Brown v. Plata (2011) (discussed in your textbook), a major issue was whether overcrowded conditions for correctional populations violates the Eighth Amendment of the U. S. Constitution. Although you may choose any relevant U.S. Supreme Court case published within the past 10 years, you may find it helpful to select a case from Table 5.1 of Chapter 5 in your textbook.
Determine how the constitutional rights of incarcerated persons have been addressed by the U.S. Supreme Court in a case published within the past 10 years (for your selected case above). (Approximately one paragraph)
To assist you with this part, consider how the decision addresses the balance between constitutional rights of incarcerated persons and administrative functions, drawing on factors considered by the U.S. Supreme Court in your selected case.

Sample Solution

ons. I isolated key sections and asked sensidising questions of these. These questions helped identify the potentially different actors shaping participant’s views about austerity politics: partners, management at work, the public sector profession, the university sector. It also helped identify differences in definitions, for example in how participants understand the Southwark Council’s function. This form of questioning also identified the different consequences with which participants are acting, e.g the differing consequences of lost profit at work for P38 and P30. While within code constant comparisons brought out different aspects of the same phenomenon. For example, participant’s identification of being ‘liberal’ ranged from lapsed party affiliations to identification with the area of Peckham. Analysis generated the following concepts, which I did further theoretical sampling from the transcripts to refine and populate: • Positive or negative relative insulation • Constant present & offset future • Defence of consumer choice • Censoring of excessive consumerism & low productivity • Resilience to inequality (as a form of liberalism) • Self-sufficiency from bureaucratic systems I used theoretical questions to make connections between concepts. These included what is the relationship between relative insulation and does this affect how the consumerism of others is understood. I conducted negative case analysis finding aspects exceptional to these concepts, many of which were found in transcript P38. I found I did not reach the theoretical saturation at the concept level given the small size of the sample and degree of variation between participants. This hindered my move from concepts to categories and development of substantive theory. Though the analysis techniques supported the testing of hypotheses and answering of research questions. Literature Review In the wake of welfare policy rollouts, a research imperative emerged to approach the impact of the phenomenon and austerity policies on individuals and societies. With this came a drive to discover a potentially new structure of inequality. A number of studies have focused on the gendered impact of recession (McKay et al 2013; Harrison, 2013; Spitzer and Piper, 2014, Treanor 2015; O’Loughlin et al 2015). The greatest impact of public sector cuts is inevitably waged on women: as single parents, public sector workers and greater users of public services (McKay (et al 2013). Harrison’s (2013) qualitative study on the impact of economic decline in the Sussex town of Newhaven critiques the focus by academics and policy professionals on ‘resilience’ with regard to recession, which stimatisatises the vulnerable and obscures structural factors. In interviews, female exercise of ‘resilience’ is seen to levy declining health, assets, and be unsustainable. Treanor’s study (2015) takes a longitudinal view of financial vulnerability (studying 5217 children born in Scotland in 2004–2005) to show young children are adversely affected by their mothers’ emotional distress rather than direct economic effects. O’Loughlin et al’s study (2015) takes a cross-national, cross disciplinary focus, to explore the effects of austerity on European men, which he says is experienced as a ‘rites of passage’ in which male identity can be a coping resou

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