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Issues in Diversity

  1. What is a minority group? Cite and explain the defining
    characteristics according to your book, paying special attention to “patterns of disability
    and disadvantage” and “visible characteristics.” By this definition, are women a minority
    group? Why or why not? How about left-handed people? Americans with disabilities?
    Gay and lesbian Americans? Could these groups be defined as minority groups? Justify
    your decision.
  2. TWO PAGE REQUIREMENT- Describe the four theoretical perspectives involving
    stratification and inequality. Give me the four Theorists’ names and the theory that they
    believe in. Additionally, attach to each theory an example of its usage from the chapters
    we have read thus far. For example, what population has been affected by the power
    system and how? Include all elements of each theory from each of the four Theorists.
  • The following questions refer to the Student Learning Outcomes for the course.
  1. ONE PAGE REQUIREMENT- Discuss the immigration experience as it relates to
    assimilation and pluralism, referring to Chapter 2 in your book.
    The following questions require a response no less than 20 sentences:
  2. Thinking of the semester up until now, how have you had the opportunity to analyze
    diversity issues in everyday life both in class and outside of it? Elaborate on your
  3. Thinking of the semester up until now, what are your thoughts about your ability to
    identify the impact of cultural and ethnic differences on personal behaviors, values and
    tolerance? Since the beginning of the semester, have you experienced a change in your
    thoughts, opinions, and/or attitude regarding any of the issues or populations we have
  4. Thinking of the semester up until now- You have researched additional forms of
    diversity during the Journal assignment, Interview assignment, the Paper Proposal
    assignment, and perhaps even for the Weekly Discussions. What are some of the
    significant findings from your specific research that you were previously unaware of
    and how has this benefitted you?

Sample Solution

The Poem of Beowulf Beowulf's verse is a story composed toward the start of Christianity 1000 years prior. That is the reason there are heaps of allurements and Satan in the story. Beowulf was composed by an unknown Christian priest. This story occurs in the present Denmark that occurs in a little realm called Hello "Gulch". The tale of Beowulf tells a totally extraordinary principle character with some other legend in antiquated writing. Since not at all like Oxeus, in contrast to Achilles, they have to endure. Seamus Heaney's artist Beowulf delineates Beowulf as an ideal legend. Beowulf was the child of Edgetho's fantasy and later became lord of Geats. In this sonnet, Beowulf indicated courage in two phases of his life, youth and mature age. In the entire sonnet, Beowulf is defied with three troublesome clashes between Glendell, the mother of Glendell, and the mythical serpent. In the entire novel, Beowulf is a renowned and regarded warrior from Geatland. In Beowulf's childhood, he was viewed as an incredible warrior drawn by his quality, boldness and mental fortitude. In the whole epic "Beowulf", the fundamental character Beowulf endured three major battles. Each fight is a great trial of his quality. As verse and Beowulf 's progress experienced various things, his character experienced huge changes just as his purposes behind fight. His first battle was against Monster Glenn who was scaring the Kingdom of Herrosga for quite a while. At that point he battled with Glendell's mom who was looking for vengeance for Beowulf to execute her child. His last battle was against the winged serpent he took a stab at vindicating the individuals of the town to take his fortune. Every one of these battles is because of totally various reasons, and each game bigly affects his life and character. Beowulf initially battled against the beast Glendell. Glendell is surrendered by society and is irate with Herrot's singing and celebrating. Glendell executed numerous ruler warriors while dozing.

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