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Java using Eclipse IDE for Java developers

Write a Java program which displays a menu to allow user the following functionality:

  1. Load employees’ data – prompts user for the number of employees to be loaded and then
    prompts for each employee name, id (5 digit number), and annual salary
  2. Add new employee – prompts user for an employee data, name, id, and annual salary
  3. Display all employees – displays each employee’s data to the console, one employee per line
  4. Retrieve specific employee’s data – prompts user for the employee id and displays the
    corresponding employee’s data: id, name, and salary
  5. Retrieve employees with salaries based on range – prompts user for the lowest and highest
    salary and displays all employees with salaries in that range. Display each employee on separate
    line with all information – name, id, and salary
  6. Exit
    Design and implementation notes:
    o Each menu selection should be implemented as a separate method
    o Employees’ data should be saved in arrays, you can allocate for maximum 100 elements
    o After completion of each selection, program should display the menu again to allow user
    another selection until they select Exit

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