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John Mark of Jerusalem, Matthew the Publican

Discuss the four individuals traditionally identified as the authors of the gospels (John Mark of Jerusalem, Matthew the Publican, Luke the Physician, and John son of Zebedee). Then, discuss the stylistic traits, characteristics, and unique features of the four gospels (as literature), including theories on which came first and possible sources. This should be five pages, plus a bibliography. Mention in your discussion any debate you discover as to authorship of any one of these four works.

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Due to the lack of extensive jurisprudence in our legislation, the Romanian Fiscal Code expressively mention that when define a PE are taken into account also the commentaries from art. 5 “Permanent Establishment” of the Model Convention for avoidance of double taxation of Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (“OECD”), even though for the moment Romania is not OECD member. ¬ Double taxation and historical background of OECD Double taxation concept can be generally defined as taxation of the same taxpayer in two States with respect to the same subject of income which relate to the same period of time. Its harmful effects on exchange of goods, services and movements of capital, technology and persons (i.e. these being also the basic freedoms within the European Union), are so well known that it is scarcely necessary to stress the importance of removing the obstacles that double taxation presents to the development of economic relations between the countries. There are two categories of double taxation: a) Economic double taxation – when tax is imposed on the same transaction, income or capital, during the same period of time (domestic double taxation) or by two or more States (international economic double taxation), but at the hands of different taxpayers; a well-known example is the distribution of dividends from the profit of a company – the latter is subject to CIT, while the shareholders are subject to personal income tax on the dividend income which is derived from the already taxed profits of the company. In such cases the profit of the company is taxed twice, however the subjects of taxation are different; b) Juridical double taxation – when comparable taxes are levied on the same taxpayer in respect of the same subject matter for identical periods, in two or more States. From my practical experience, juridical double taxation occurs almost always in cross-border situations and thus, as a result it harmful the international economic relations between the countries. Thus, taking into account the negative impact that the double taxation ha

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