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Jon Stewart’s interview with Malala Yousafzai

Now that you have watched Jon Stewart’s interview with Malala Yousafzai, I would like you to reflect on Malala’s points. Answer the following questions. Please number your responses from 1-3.

What, according to Malala, is the value of education? What does she believe education has the power to do? What does she say education teaches us? Answer in at least 100 words using specific ideas from her talk. Remember to properly cite: “quote” (Stewart time stamp). Your citations should look like this (Stewart 4:32).
What do you see as the value of education? How is your view of education similar and/or different than Malala’s? Answer in at least 100 words.
What is one thing from the interview that challenged your way of thinking? Answer in at least 50 words.

Sample Solution

1980s the American management professor Edgar Schein had developed an organisational culture model to make the culture more visible within an organisation. He had also indicated some steps to follow to bring cultural change. Artefacts and symbols Artefacts can mark the surface of the organisation. They can be the visible elements in the organisation such as logos, design and structure. These should be visible to employees and managers in a business. Espoused values This normally concerns standards, values and rules of conduct. Questions that this ask are how does the organisation express strategies, objectives and philosophies and how can they make this public? Problems tend to arise when the ideas of the managers aren’t in line with the organisation. Base underlying assumptions The basic underlying assumptions are deeply hidden in the organisations structure and are concerned with the behaviour of the employees. They should always make sure that the employee understands their task and can complete it. P5: Apply different leadership approaches to dealing with change in a range of organisational contexts. Change is one of the unavoidable aspects of businesses and in life. Some people find it hard or challenging to deal with change and their attitude towards change can affect how they grow. However, some leaders can embrace the change and deal with it in positive ways. Leaders also have to deal with the change personally and help others in the business stay positive. These are 8 ways that leaders can deal with change. They must be flexible and know ahead of time that some things will definitely change and when they do, the leader must embrace and move through the change. If a leader is inflexible the changes will still come, and they will find it hard to cope with. They must also be accountable and know that when the situation around them changes, they must try and take charge. Leaders will need to take responsibility for what is happening and work with their colleagues to help others deal with the change. If they deal with the changes head-on, so will the colleagues around them. Situational leadership Effective leadership is important to an organisation’s success. Leaders can communicate their company’s message, assign work to employees and motivate them. Leadership styles tend to depend on the managers personality. A company should select a leader with a personal style that can coordinate with the employees needs and be able to lead the business through change. Situational leaders should normally adjust their style of leading change according to the style of their colleagues. The situational leadership style can match the 4 leadership styles to the 4 levels of employees. The developmental level of an employee depends on whether they are motivated in their work or if they have enough skill. For example, employees may not be motivated much and have little skill, this would require the leader to go to the same level as the employee and help them with anything.

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