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Kantian perspective

Explain what duty is according to Kant and how this view differs from other senses of duty.

Describe the relationship between a good will and duty for Kant.

Differentiate the two formulations of the Categorical Imperative.

How do these formulations apply to your selected contemporary moral issue?

Using the foundation of Kant’s moral theory explain how there is a moral duty for your selected contemporary moral issues.

Express your view as a maxim.

How feasible is it to universalize your maxim?

How does your maxim fulfill/satisfy each of these formulations?

In your paper, ensure that you use credible academic sources, and cite them properly.

Sample Solution

Prognosis “Although many countries have vaccination policies to prevent international spread of the yellow fever virus, implementation is inconsistent. Most, but not all countries where yellow fever is endemic require arriving international travellers without medical contraindications to provide medical documentation of vaccination as a prerequisite for entry. As the vaccine provides protective immunity to 90% and 99% of individuals 10 and 30 days after vaccination, respectively, most travellers are protected from acquiring and exporting the yellow fever virus. Furthermore, some countries where the disease is not endemic, but where the competent mosquito vector Aedes aegypti is present require travellers arriving from a yellow fever-endemic country to provide proof of vaccination” (Brent, Watts, 2018). While it is imposbbile to wipe out the infected mosquitoes population, we can provide protection to those who may encounter the risk of contraction. ”To account for the possibility that individuals infected with yellow fever virus within an endemic area might travel by land to a nearby airport in a non-endemic area, we used ArcGIS v. 10.4.1 to identify all commercial airports registered with the International Air Transport Association (IATA): (i) within 200 km of any yellow fever-endemic area worldwide (base scenario); and (ii) within 200 km of any city within a yellow fever-endemic area (urban scenario)” (Brent, Watts, 2018). Luckily, there are few cases in which someone who received the vaccination still contracted the disease. “In 2016, the World Health Organization (WHO) concluded that a single dose of YF vaccine confers life- long immunity—thus, revaccination is no longer needed” [15] Conclusion Even though the states have been cleared, yellow fever outbreaks still exist in the world. “Evidence is mounting that the current outbreak of yellow fever is becoming the latest global health emergency, say two Georgetown University professors who call on the World Health Organization to convene an emergency committee under the International Health Regulations. In addition, with frequent emerging epidemics, they call for the creation of a “standing emergency committee” to be prepared for future health emergencies” (Staff, 2016). The latest outbreak in 2016 in Angola, suggests the Aedes Aegypti mosquito is still transmitting the disease as well as Zika and other viruses. Vaccine shortages and unavailability could be the factors in which strike a health crisis. Physicians are still confident in the worlds ability to combat the disease, yet some suggest we need to become more prepared in case an outbreak strikes unexpectedly. Currently, it is more likely to contract the disease on travels to other countries than the United States but nonetheless prevention is imperative. There is a only a limited barrier between agents and host, therefore other protective barriers must be set in place for extra protection, such as repellents, clothing choices and sanitation. The risk of another yellow fever outbreak is rare but not impossible. ...(download the rest of the essay above)

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