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Kant’s categorical imperative on vaccination on measles

First, explain why, according to Socrates, would it be unwise to think one’s own group has all the goodness and the rest of society isn’t so good? In your answer, be sure to think about the mistakes that blind loyalty can lead to, and the long-run consequences to dividing up society into good and bad sides. In other words, why is Polemarchus wrong about justice? After all, typical people in a fight for equality and opportunity are eager to harm their opposition, just as Polemarchus would. Make sure that you answer this question: If Socrates is right, and Polemarchus is wrong, how should a group struggling for justice respond to injustice done against them?

Second, explain how Kant’s categorical imperative applies to this question: Is it morally right for every child to be vaccinated against bad diseases like measles and mumps? Be sure to explain how you imagine a world in which that moral rule is the rule for everyone. In that imagined world, would everyone prefer that this rule is followed by everyone? Based on your answer to that question, describe how you reach your final answer: would Kant agree, or disagree, that it is morally right for every child to get vaccinated? Then describe how you would explain to people against child vaccination, using only reasoning based on Kant’s ethics, why their opinion can’t be morally right.

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reward (such as an existing or future consumer product or a membership rewards scheme) as consideration. Most of the websites which support donation crowdfunding, also enable reward crowdfunding. Kicktstarter, Rockethub etc. are examples of websites that support such a type of crowdfunding. • Peer-to-Peer Lending (P2P Lending)- In such a form of lending, an online platform matches lenders/investors with borrowers/issuers in order to provide unsecured loans and the interest rate is determined by the platform. Some Peer-to-Peer platforms arrange loans between individuals, while other platforms pool funds which are then lent to small and medium-sized businesses. P2P Lending has proven to be a major source of financing for business entities in the recent past. A report by the Open Data Institute in July 2013 found that between October 2010 and May 2013 some 49,000 investors in the UK funded peer-to-peer loans worth more than £378m. Some of the leading examples from the US are Lending Club, Prosper, etc. and from the UK are Zopa, Funding Circle, etc. • Equity Crowdfunding- in such a form of crowdfunding, in lieu of funds solicited from investors, equity shares of the company are issued. It refers to fund raising by a business, particularly early-stage funding, through offering equity interests in the business to investors online. Businesses seeking to raise capital through this mode typically advertise online through a crowdfunding platform website, which serves as an intermediary between investors and the start-up companies. In a few jurisdictions (like China), these platforms are restricted to offer this ty

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