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Key methods of identity development.

You have recently started working for a local department store in the Operations Department. Upon settling into your new position, you come to realize that they have outdated business practices. In your past work experience, you have utilized various forms of technology to complete daily job functions and have been part of updating technology to meet the demands of your organization. Technological advances can address all areas of the business including, but not limited to, how applicants apply for positions, the type of phone and computer systems operated, cash register functions, marketing methods, etc.

You have shared your thoughts with your supervisor, and he has tasked you with putting together a narrated presentation, with visuals for your peers, to share the overall benefits of utilizing modern technology to help improve overall efficiency for the business and help to expand the consumer base for the store.

For this narrated visual presentation, you are to reflect upon and include discussion of the following topics or categories:
Demonstrate how digital and technological growth can assist the organization:

Provide a definition for digital growth.

Explain how digital growth has impacted organizations.

Describe how digital growth impacts society as a whole and your store in the future.

Demonstrate how an individual creates their own digital identity, how it can impact organizational identity, and how these can be impacted by changes to technology:

Explain some key methods of identity development.

Sample Solution

ws in your appearance. This can get worse over time if left untreated, causing anxiety, severe depression, and suicidal thoughts or behavior (Mayo Clinic, 2019). Toxic behaviors such as narcissism thrive in social media. Environments like these are where people can develop and promote self-obsession. Many of you have probably encountered someone who is so engrossed in looking flawless in front of the camera. Social media applications, Facebook to be more specific, was said to have triggered a “context collapse,” in which users are trapped into one, single persona and form a habit of “self-editing” what they share on social media to match up that certain character (Auld, 2019). This is a symptom of narcissistic personality disorder. It is a type of personality disorder and is a mental condition in which people have an inflated sense of their importance, a deep need for excessive attention and admiration, troubled relationships, and a lack of empathy for others. This disorder causes many problems with relationships, work or school, experiencing depression and anxiety, physical health problems, drug or alcohol misuse, and suicidal thoughts or behavior. Narcissistic personality disorder often begins in one’s teenage years or early adulthood and it affects more males than females (Mayo Clinic, 2017). Since social media primarily serves as self-promotional platforms, psychologist Eric B. Weiser said, they may reinforce and foster narcissistic traits. People who have narcissistic personalities require admiration from others. Their conceitedness grows on easy-to-get social media endorsements (e.g., likes, shares, or new followers) (Atanasova, 2016). Teenagers suffering from various mental health issues are a result of excessive use and exposure to social media. The majority of these factors contribute to the development of suicidal behavior. It is undeniably a part of one’s life, yet it is primarily used for self-centered needs and purposes. Accordingly, they are susceptible to adapting narcissistic qualities. Teens are continuously pointing out their flaws, because of cyberbullying or the soaring standards of success and beauty, eventually undermining their self-esteem.

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