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Knowing the values

In a context of ABR streaming video, the project consists of: knowing the values [of delays, variation of delays, loss of packets, reorganization of packets] for which a visual defect is observed on the screen or else a rejection of the video stream occurs for an HLS/DASH video with the H.264 codec What happens to its values for the same visual effect when the H.264 codec is replaced by the H.265 codec for the same video content? The H.265 codec is better than the H.264 codec in data compression, is this advantage maintained in each disturbance category? Can the coding principle implemented for H.265 explain the results obtained during the channel disturbance tests?

Chapter one of the attached file gives more details on my request
wants a progressive delivery

Comments from Customer
Context: The master thesis has two parts
Part I: ABR Streaming video (DASH/HLS)
–>with the independent variables (VI) of the question
of research to choose among the concepts of ABR Streaming
–> and the dependent variables (VD) of the question
search to choose from internet traffic concepts.
ABR streaming video concepts are a subset
internet traffic concepts, so (VI) and (VD) can both be chosen in the ABR streaming video concepts
Part II: video feature used in Part I (DASH/HLS)
–> the minimum number of streams used is two
the same video in H.264 encoding (stream 1) then
the same video in H.265 encoding (stream 2)
–> experimentation to answer the research question
allows to collect data where a patern connects (VI)
and (VD)
–> the discussion and the conclusion will be oriented on
H.264 and H.265 codec characteristics/properties
which explain the link between (VI) and (VD) in the context
of Master thesis with my research question.

My questions:

Question I: Experimentation design, how the Writer will design
the useful experiment for the research question
I would like him to name Equipment, software, software and hardware configuration that he will put in place, monitoring tool,
package creation tool that will constitute the internet traffic,
how from the start video download where it creates the chunks
which will constitute the internet traffic, which program will it use as a server, player to read the streaming, which tool to use to vary (VI) and the tool to record (VD) following variation of (VI)
Without carrying out the experiment, his written response will have to convince me that he is the Writer of the situation…
It identifies the useful elements for an internet traffic set up, this internet traffic is of the ABR Streaming type with server and player,
it modifies an element of the set up to perform the variation of (VI)
following this variation it records/monitors the values ​​of (VD)

Question II: at the time of the discussion he makes a link between (VI) and (VD) and the properties of the H.264 / H.265 codecs of the videos used during Internet traffic such as ABR Streaming.

Sample Solution

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