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Knowledge about ethics

write an work that builds on and draws from your knowledge about ethics – both the theoretical frameworks and international ethical guidelines.

Studying moral philosophy and ethics allows us to explore our understandings of what is right and wrong, where these ideas come from and how they shape our moral judgements. In criminal justice contexts it is of utmost importance that you have an in-depth understanding of concepts and processes related to ethical decision making and that you have practiced and applied critical thinking skills to the dilemmas that you may face. In this assessment task you need to respond to the two prompts below. In the first section of the work you will make an informed case for studying ethics in criminal justice. Second, you will compare and contrast two theoretical perspectives we have studied (i.e. Divine Command Theory; Kantianism; Utilitarianism; Social Contract Theory).

  1. Why study and understand ethics? (400 words)
  2. Compare and contrast two theoretical perspectives (800 words)

The unit learning outcome(s) assessed is/are:

• LO 1; Demonstrate a foundational understanding of ethical frameworks and theories that underpin professional practice in criminal justice contexts;

• LO 2; Apply the study of ethics to the practices and relations of criminal and social justice

Sample Solution

The Hawala framework can be utilized to wash continues from extortion. Esteem is moved through a progression of exchanges between people with real business exercises for a commission. It is a viable instrument as the absence of formal records makes it challenging to follow and reserves seem, by all accounts, to be connected with certified deals. Extortion and tax evasion are firmly gathered as deceitfully cash is incorporated and layered into the framework then arising as lawful assets. The mischief that misrepresentation can cause to noble cause's great work, their recipients and notoriety, as well as to public trust and trust in the area, can be colossal. During monetary year 2015/16 more than 2,200 genuine episodes were accounted for to the commission by good cause, of which 178 were named extortion. Distinguish and look at how noble cause could use misrepresentation avoidance related frameworks and controls to lessen the dangers of turning into a survivor of extortion. Use models inside your reaction to help the examination introduced. 20 imprints THIS ONE NEEDS TO BE CUT DOWN BY ABOUT 125 WORDS 2. Noble cause can decrease their misfortunes to extortion (12 £2.3billion) by implanting a misrepresentation culture, carrying out monetary controls, pre-work screening and an expected level of effort prior to giving awards. An extortion anticipation culture incorporates the tone from the top, preparing, a Fraud Policy, strategies and whistleblowing. The board should show ways of behaving they anticipate that staff should follow and convey that the foundation won't endure misrepresentation and will arraign as the need might arise. Staff ought to be urged to make some noise assuming extortion is thought and guaranteed that informants will be secured. Upsides of the foundation can be joined into the Code of Conduct which staff ought to affirm understanding as indicated in the Oxfam Employee Code of Conduct. The Fraud Policy needs to help the zero resilience approach as well as key con

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