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Kotter’s 8 steps

Think of a recent change that happened in your organization. Try to focus on a large change, not just a small change in artifacts, such as a form. It might be a policy change, a change in leadership, a change in organizational goals. Think about how it was implemented.

Based on Kotter’s 8 steps, describe the change. Did your organization follow each step? If so, describe how. If not, describe how “skipping” that step may have impacted the change and how employees responded to it. Use at least two class resources in your post. Remember to cite correctly.

Respond to two colleagues

Activity # 2

In chapter 16, Schein describes the three stages of change. How do they compare to Kotter’s 8 steps of change?

Sample Solution

atural state. Human beings were originally in a purely natural state. Natural state is a state of complete freedom and equality. Natural law plays a dominant role in the natural state. Rationality, that is, natural law, teaches all human beings to obey rationality intentionally: since people are equal and independent, no one can infringe upon the lives, health, freedom and property of others. In the state of nature, the enforcement right of natural law belongs to everyone, that is to say, everyone has the right to punish those who violate natural law. This right of punishment is not unlimited, it is limited to the prevention of violations of natural law. The origin of political society. Natural life is so beautiful. Why do people join the political society and be bound by political power? This is because there are three kinds of defects in the natural state: firstly, in the natural state, there is a lack of a formulated, stable and well-known law, which is the common standard of right and wrong and the common yardstick for judging all disputes between them. Secondly, In the natural state, there is a lack of a well-known and impartial judge who has the power to adjudicate all disputes in accordance with the established law. Thirdly, In the natural state, there is often a lack of power to support the correct judgment and make it properly enforced. Therefore, people are willing to give up the right of punishment which they exercise independently and leave it to the designated person among them to exercise it exclusively. The exercise of this power of punishment can not be arbitrary, but must be exercised in accordance with the rules of political and social consensus, or the rules of unanimous consent of their authorized representatives. This is the origin of legislative and administrative power, and the reason for the emergence of the government and the political society itself. The purpose of the government is to protect private property. As long as a man separates anything from its natural state of existence, it has been mingled with his labor, that is, with all his own things, and thus it becomes his property. In other words, labor adds something to the natural things so that they become the private property of workers. Labor creates wealth, and money expands wealth. People have property rights in the natural state. The purpose of the government after its establishment is to protect private property, and it must not be infringed on. Therefore, without the consent of the people themselves or their representatives, the government should never impose taxes on the people’s property. Rule of law and decentralization. The state must be governed by formally promulga

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