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Landing the Plane

Will there be a global economic crisis in a world of significant uncertainty? Please review the article from Goldman Sachs, Landing the Plane.
Where are we headed the next few years of uncertainty and risks? What
are the five greatest current global economic challenges? How will they
affect the US economy? You should respond to two additional posts from your peers. Include a minimum of one reference.

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rate is high in those countries. Having stated the statistics, it cannot be stated that opt-out system alone increased the organ donation. The system alone cannot explain the differences in organ donations between different countries. There are certain other factors responsible for donation rates. Some countries like Spain and USA have higher organ donation rates compared with other countries. The success of these countries has not achieved by adopting a single measure in isolation. The successful countries address all the important factors associated with organ donation separately and with proper care. Considering the above mentioned points, it could be illustrated that adopting an opt-out system for organ donation can bring benefits. However, there are changes of damaging the current system by implementing the opt-out law. Presumed consent: problems and possible solutions Wales introduced the ‘opt-out’ law by enacting the Human Transplantation (Wales) Act 2013. Statistics from Wales show that the presumed consent did not work effectively. Organ transplantation decreased from 214 to 187 between 2015 – 16 and 2016 – 17. The Nuffield Council on Bioethics stated that introducing presumed consent may have adverse effect on organ donation. Therefore, it could be argued that there is little evidence that the ‘opt-out’ law has worked effectively. There are other elements which play important role in increasing the rate of organ donation. The government can introduce training programmes for nurses for discussing the organ donation with the family of bereaved. Moreover, making people aware of the donation may be an effective step. The government wishes to increase the number of organ donation. However, making legislative change in absence of proper evidence may not be a suitable step. According to Hugh Whittall, who is the director of NCB “we are concerned that making a legislative change based on poor evidence risks undermining public trust in the organ donation system, and could have serious consequences for rates of organ donation” . In the UK, for the purpose of organ donation, the consent of the deceased’s family member is vital. This is important even where the deceased had completed the registration for organ donation. 1,200 families refuse to donate every year among the registered donors. Health professional advanced some serious arguments with regard to the potential negative impact of presumed consent of organ donation. They pointed out that there is a chance that the ‘opt-out’ law would damage the important relationship between clinicians who take care for people at the end of life, the patients and the members of family. The relationship is based on trust. Some concerns were expressed by the staffs work in intensive care. They feared that change in organ donation law would make the critical care more difficult to manage. Some intensive care practitioners may undertake the task of organ donation programmes.

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