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Landmark United States Supreme court case decision that brought changes in policy

Write an essay (5 pages) about any landmark United States Supreme court case decision that brought changes in policy or any aspect of criminal justice. Be sure to explain at least one or two of those changes, if any. other directions are attached in uploaded files

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ommonality is that word knowledge means that the word can be used for communicative purposes in four basic skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking) on the target in a productive sense, as Oxford and Crookall (1990). It is often assumed that the concept of word information consists of a simple word list. However, besides the words that have meaning alone, there are also groups of words that consist of more than one word and have a meaning on each side. In fact, summer has proved to us that there is no universal definition of the word. For example, Folse (2004) defined the word as a building block that formed certain expressions, altered expressions, idioms, and spontaneous actions, whereas Thornbury (2002) referred to the word as a lexicon that has a single meaning and constitutes a word or group of words. Despite the difference in terminology, the above-mentioned classifications show us that the words need other neighbors to make their meaning clear. 3.1.2 Word Grammar It should be known that multi-word structures are also important for communicating naturally on the learned language. For example, students have to know their structure, meaning and use in order to learn about their actions. Thornbury (2002) notes that it is necessary to know whether such knowledge of gross behavior is transitive or intransitive, whether it is separable or indivisible, and what is the emphasis and knowledge of the reunion. Knowing the meaning of a word means knowing its true meaning and its altered or multiple meanings. Finally, the use of the word is known whether it is used in official or informal speech, and whether it works according to the principle of dominance(Thornbury, 2002:13-15). The word knowledge also requires knowing the synonym of that word. This information allows you to know your word, other words that will be found in the conversation or in the text. In other words, the synonym is the presence of words that are normal to the natural speaker. Knowing the obvious synonyms gives you the comfort and power to use the student language. This information reduces both the chances of the student making mistakes and ensures that the language is closer to the natural speaker. Because the use of fluent and correct language requires the correct use of these structures. Another point to mention here is the accumulative nature of word learning. Researchers advocate that in order to fully learn and understand a word, it is necessary to provide many encounters.

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