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Leadership Theories in Practice

A walk through the Business section of any bookstore or a quick Internet search on the topic will reveal a seemingly endless supply of writings on leadership. Formal research literature is also teeming with volumes on the subject.
However, your own observation and experiences may suggest these theories are not always so easily found in practice. Not that the potential isn’t there; current evidence suggests that leadership factors such as emotional intelligence and transformational leadership behaviors, for example, can be highly effective for leading nurses and organizations.
Yet, how well are these theories put to practice? In this Discussion, you will examine formal leadership theories. You will compare these theories to behaviors you have observed firsthand and discuss their effectiveness in impacting your organization.
To Prepare:
• Review the Resources and examine the leadership theories and behaviors introduced.
• Identify two to three scholarly resources, in addition to this Module’s readings, that evaluate the impact of leadership behaviors in creating healthy work environments.
• Reflect on the leadership behaviors presented in the three resources that you selected for review.

Sample Solution

A Matter of Life and Death sees the story of a British pilot who cheated death, and must go on trial in heaven to prove that his love for a woman on earth is more important than death. The film is split into two distinctive forms, reality and fantasy. Although the real world in the film is meant to be a representation of post-war Britain, it is far from it and creates its own fantastical image of a post-war Britain. One scene that highlights this is the scene where protagonist Peter (David Niven) meets the doctor. As the town prepares for a performance of a classic Shakespeare play, nothing seems to wrong with any of the people in Britain. Historically Britain was in ruins after the war, depression and rationing were still apparent after it was over. The mise-en-scene of this scene illuminates the positive reality in which the film is creating. Peter has survived a plane crash, yet is completely competent to play chess, engage in witty conversation and still manages to be a suave British gentleman. A review of the film by Chapman shows that audiences were also confused about the representation of a post-war Britain and its communities. ‘The critical and popular reaction to the film itself, however, was equivocal – a mixture of admiration for its technical virtuosity and confusion about its narrative.’ (A Matter of Life and Death and British Film Culture, 33-50) They use the world ‘equivocal’, meaning reactions can be taken in multiple ways, showing a significant confusion among audiences about the films representation of British communities. A Matter of Life and Death can be seen to be a propaganda film for post-war Britain. One key aspect of this message is through the visual representation of the fantasy and reality. Reality is portrayed in spectacular technicolour, which was still a huge technological spectacle in 1946. The use of colour makes characters look healthy and radiant, trees look fruitful and the grass couldn’t look greener. This paints a false image of Britain at this point in time, making it obvious that Powell and Pressburger were trying to make a film that hides the harsh reality of war and instead, employs its own realistic fantasy. However, the fantasy in the

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