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Lesson Plan Critique

Write a 260- to 350-word critique of the lesson plan in which you address the following:
Identification of ELP standards that apply to the lesson
A description of the evidence you found within the lesson that reflects the 3 UDL guidelines and differentiated learning strategies
Any evidence of opportunities for academic vocabulary
Any evidence of strategies that support ELs to engage in academic discourse
Any modifications you would include in the lesson to make it more comprehensible for EL students and your rationale for those modifications

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the productivity and business performance. Factors that cause the digital divide include the lack of proper knowledge, education and skilled owner-managers and employees within a firm. Moreover, he found out that the low quality of human capital is the biggest barrier that leads to lack of knowledge and skills. Therefore he suggests that, it is best to overcome the problem with enhanced IT skills and widen the access to ICT to encourage firms to adopt ICT in their organization. Kossai, Lapa Suza and Roussel (2010) showed that the human capital that the organization has, is the primary determinant of the adoption and implementation of information and communication technologies in the electronics sector. Also, Machikita, Tsuji and Ueki (2010) analyzed in detail the adoption of information and communication technologies in SMEs in Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, and concluded that firm size positively influences their adoption. Meanwhile, Alam and Nour (2009) concluded that the measures taken by the Malaysian government authorities, that encouraged the use of firms information and communications technology, were significantly important for the adoption and implementation of the business. Also, Lal (1999) and Katrak (1997) had previously identified a significant positive relationship between existing technological skills, and the degree of adoption and implementation of the company’s information and communication technology thru resources in the sector of electronic goods and electrical SMEs in India. 2.6.3 The influence of ICT competencies to firm performance Competencies can be regarded as a special vocational prerequisite, a set of performance standards, and also the ability to complete tasks (Sandberg & Pinnington 2009). Among these as far as the professional competencies expected by employers, technologies and skills can predict the job performance of technology management personnel (Hysong 2008). In this study, the definition of professional competency is to engage in a professional ta

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