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Life as a Nurse in the Philippines and America

Identify the author and the title of the larger piece they are excerpted from, and explain what they show us about the period they were written in.

“As competition for scarce government dollars has grown, so to have tensions and confrontations between refugees and competing socio-economic groups. In Orange County, high inflation rates, rising unemployment, and acute competition for housing, health care and unskilled jobs, has exacerbated tensions among the County’s poor. Many believe that refugees are receiving preferential treatment in the form of cash assistance, job training and special health care not available to others. Basic language and cultural differences serve only to heighten feelings of suspicion and mistrust.”

This passage is from one of the following articles, find which one its from and write about it:

•César Chávez Declares Viva La Causa!

•Perla Rabor Rigor Compares Life as a Nurse in the Philippines and America

•Congressman Jerry Patterson Details Needs of Refugees

•Xang Mao Recalls His Family’s Flight from Laos

•Rubén Martínez Describes the Fight Against Proposition 187

•Mohammed Bilal-Mirza Recounts September 11, 2001 and Its Aftermath

Sample Solution

Consequently, jus ad bellum comprises several conditions but most importantly: just cause and proportionality. This gives people a guide whether it’s lawful to enter a war or not. However, this is only one part of the theory of the just war. Nevertheless, it can be seen above that jus ad bellum can be debated throughout, showing that there is no definitive theory of a just war, as it is normatively theorised. The second section begins deciphering jus in bello or what actions can we classify as permissible in just wars (Begby et al (2006b), Page 323). First, it is never just to intentionally kill innocent people in wars, supported by Vittola’s first proposition. This is widely accepted as ‘all people have a right not to be killed’ and if a soldier does, they have violated that right and lost their right. This is further supported by “non-combatant immunity” (Frowe (2011), Page 151), which leads to the question of combatant qualification mentioned later in the essay. This is corroborated by the bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, ending the Second World War, where millions were intently killed, just to secure the aim of war. However, sometimes civilians are accidentally killed through wars to achieve their goal of peace and security. This is supported by Vittola, who implies proportionality again to justify action: ‘care must be taken where evil doesn’t outweigh the possible benefits (Begby et al (2006b), Page 325).’ This is further supported by Frowe who explains it is lawful to unintentionally kill, whenever the combatant has full knowledge of his actions and seeks to complete his aim, but it would come at a cost. However, this does not hide the fact the unintended still killed innocent people, sho

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