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Life Experiences

Review and integrate the life story concept to your own life. You will describe your current social clock and describe your possible “selves” during each time period. You will want to include instances where you felt a sense of primary control and secondary control.

Write a 2-3 page paper in which you do the following:

Outline your life story.
Identify your current social clock.
Describe your possible selves at this time.
Identify a couple of instances where you felt a sense of primary control and secondary control.
Provide illustrative examples from your personal life reflecting the concepts and themes of adult relationships.

Sample Solution

In recent years, Africa has been undergoing its own industrial revolution. With a young and talented population, African nations are destined to reach their economic objectives. Africapitalism is an economic term that was introduced by Mr. Tony O Elumelu and it is quite a hot topic on the African continent. Mr. Elumelu is a Nigerian billionaire and has fostered the concept of Africapitalism immensely in his home nation of Nigeria. He is one of the many large investors in Nigeria that have adopted the philosophy and is setting a good example for fellow countrymen and women, showing that his idea of Africapitalism is economically strategic. This extended essay discusses the impact that Africapitalism has had on Nigeria’s economy in the recent past. Word Count:122 Introduction Africapitalism is an economic term derived from capitalism. Capitalism can be defined as a philosophy whereby goods or services are produced by private investors to make profit, with little to none government intervention. The main goals of the Africapitalism are to create social wealth and long term investments. The economic term was created in 2011 and was introduced by Nigerian multibillionaire and former banker Mr. Tony O. Elumelu. Mr Elumelu’s main aim is to ensure Africapitalism is associated with philanthropy whereby, businessmen and women invest in their own society. On the 8th of May 2011 Tony Elumelu founded the Africapitalism Institute. Many African countries such as Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya have experienced positive impacts from its implementation which in turn, has proven well on their economies. In Nigeria this has been discovered through high entrepreneurship and enhancing local demand. The economic term is still relatively new and I thought it would be interesting to see how it has fared so far. The theory of Africapitalism Mr Elumelu stated that Africapitalism “is a deceptively simple notion, but a powerful one that has the potential to remake a continent, and put Africa on an equal economic footing with the rest of the world,” The African continent is often referred to as the capitalist hub meaning that there are a lot of economic opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors to build successful businesses which helps solve most social challenges such as poverty

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