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Linear programming problem.

“I have neither given nor received help on this exam.” _ (student’s initials)

Do all the following problems.

I. Choose the best answer for each multiple choice. Please use CAPITAL letters to indicate your answer and write neatly. (20 points)

  1. _ 3. 5. 7. 9. ___
  2. _ 4. 6. 8. 10.___
  3. Which of the following is a valid objective function for a linear programming problem?
    A. Max 5xy
    B. Min 4x + 3y + (2/3)z
    C. Max 5×2 + 6y2
    D. Min (x1 + x2)/x3
  4. Which of the following statements is NOT true?
    A. A feasible solution satisfies all constraints.
    B. An optimal solution satisfies all constraints.
    C. An infeasible solution violates all constraints.
    D. A feasible solution point does not have to lie on the boundary of the feasible region.
  5. Innis Investments manages funds for a number of companies and wealthy clients. For a new client, Innis has been authorized to invest up to $1.2 million in two investment funds: a stock fund and a money market fund. According to Innis’s risk measurement system, each unit invested in the stock fund has a risk index of 8, and each unit invested in the money market fund has a risk index of 3. Which is the objective function for this problem?
    A. Max 8S + 3M
    B. Max 8S + 3M – 1.2X
    C. Min 8S + 3M
    D. Min 8S + 3M – 1.2X
  6. A solution that satisfies all the constraints of a linear programming problem except the nonnegativity constraints is called
    A. optimal.
    B. feasible.
    C. infeasible.
    D. semi-feasible.
  7. Slack
    A. is the difference between the left and right sides of a constraint.
    B. is the amount by which the left side of a ≤ constraint is smaller than the
    right side.
    C. is the amount by which the left side of a ≥ constraint is larger than the
    right side.
    D. exists for each variable in a linear programming problem.

Sample Solution

ction experiencing the same thing is the game-plan that conveys the best equilibrium of advantages to hurt, as long as the game-plan gives the best measure of advantages for every one of those included, it doesn't make any difference how those advantages are made, they can be through truth, untruths, control or intimidation (Andre, 1989). For instance, Peter Singer wrote in the New York times about the Coronavirus pandemic "I think the presumption… that we should do everything to decrease the quantity of passings, isn't exactly the right supposition. Since sooner or later we will compromise death toll against loss of personal satisfaction… And we can't actually keep everything secured until there won't be additional passings." By apply a utilitarian methodology Singer was pushing that to ultimately benefit most of individuals and the benefit of the economy there will come while delivering lockdown and the economy to ultimately benefit individuals will offset the expected harm to society from passings and the economy from those grouped most in danger (Buck, 2020). B) Consequentialist approach The consequentialist approach is like the utilitarian methodology yet contrasts in the manner it doesn't utilize a people or associations moral standards, it rather sees an issue on what might be the outcomes of the activity, for instance assuming that an individual planned to pass on assuming they came clean as it was ethically right to come clean, and the result of lying implied they would live, would it not be smarter to lie and the individual live. A consequentialist would agree that it is smarter to lie and save a day to day existence. Nonetheless, the consequentialist view can be difficult to measure as there are times when the results of an activity will be unable to be determined early nobody can anticipate the future with full confidence. For specific circumstances, consequentialism can prompt decisions that are inadmissible, despite the fact that the outcomes are maybe ideal.

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