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Love Them First Lessons from Lucy Laney Elementary

You are required to watch the video: Love Them First Lessons from Lucy Laney Elementary

After watching the video describe/analyze 3 or more of the social problems facing the school and its students. Support your work by using references (at least 5 references from text) from the text, use sociological language as you write your essay. Finally, apply one or more of the sociological theories or perspectives discussed through out the course.

Sample Solution

mists will have to help solve several growing global problems within the next 20 years with economies shifting towards stability, it is, however, questionable and more correct to contemplate on whether Artificial Intelligence will be the vessel for our economy to be more sufficient and helpful in practice. Considering the fast growth in the global population, there has been an increase in advocacy for the climate crisis and the limitations caused by over-exploitation of resources in our circular economy. All these are, incontestably, the ramification of the previous industrial exploitation and large-scale economic disparity where 19th-century colonial empires set out with the intention of depredating natural resources in foreign countries, ruthlessly exploiting capital and land – all without considering the effects of the rapid depletion of resources required to support the phenomenally large natural population growth in the affected region. While the Industrial exploitation is undeniably the main cause contributing to poverty and instability in developing countries, the main factor that is instrumental in large population growth is large due to illiteracy, social exploitation and lack of democratic governance in the country. Combatting the issue of over-population will ultimately see that ‘repentance’ due from the exhaustion of natural resources will be needed through changes in cultivation or transformation of the production of plants. While economists may argue that ‘nudge’, as a concept in behavioural economics, can positively reinforce and indirectly suggest behaviours within groups or individuals through positive advertising, Artificial Intelligence can, feasibly, act as a potentially effective system that analyses data concerning agriculture to provide valuable outputs, for example – ‘precision farming’. Using Machine Learning algorithms – an aspect of Artificial Intelligence, the technology can be used to collect both real-time and historical data to make specific decisions concerning the area or type of farming. The provision of such technologies will increase the total yield of crops, improving the general standard living conditions to allow humans to look towards becoming productive relative to conceiving at a higher rate. Detailed research conducted in Bangladesh, Indonesia and Nigeria has also suggested that degenerating living conditions increase the likelihood of reproduction rather than decreasing it. As aforementioned, a deep study in AI can also reinforce and control overpopulation by determining areas for improvement using

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