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Making decisions is at the core of management.

Making decisions is at the core of management. To make rational decisions, a manager or an individual must gather as much information as possible about various options and their potential consequences. Before making an important decision, one should evaluate the situation and take steps to prevent falling into decision traps. There can be several traps in decision making, such as overconfidence, a lack of keeping track, or a failure to conduct a decision process audit.

In this activity, you will identify one recent professional situation or problem that required making a decision. The decision could have been posed to a group you were a part of, or it could have been one you made alone. For example, you and your department must decide whether to change the way patient rounds are conducted due to multiple staff reporting burnout in recent weeks. Since you may be using an actual professional or personal scenario, be sure to avoid sharing any personal or confidential information in your submission to protect others’ privacy, such as names of people, places, and designation.

Avoid using a project-related situation or problem; projects require multiple decisions and are dependent on several other factors. If you do not have a professional decision example to analyze, you may use personal experience instead, such as choosing a degree or certification program or buying a car or house.

This activity will help you understand your decision-making habits, which will help you complete the course project. There are no right or wrong answers to this assignment.

If you need writing support, you can access the Online Writing Center through the Academic Support module of your course.

Complete the Module Two Decision Analysis Worksheet, and then reflect on your learnings and respond to the items in the prompt below in a separate document. You will need to submit both the completed worksheet and your reflection.

Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

Decision-Making Issue or Problem: Describe the issue or problem requiring a decision that you have selected to analyze. Do not state the decision that was or is being made to solve the issue or problem.
Analysis of an Issue or Problem: Analyze the issue or problem and its potential solutions using your completed Module Two Decision Analysis Worksheet to support your analysis. Substantiate your claim by citing a minimum of one professional source.
Decision Traps: Using the list provided in the Module Two Decision Trap document as a guide, discuss the specific decision trap(s) you and/or your partners encountered during the decision-making process and the impact of those traps on the decision. Consider the following question to guide your response:
How could you or your partners have avoided any of t

Sample Solution

The aim of this study is to determine whether the implementation of introducing names and role delegation onto theatre caps can reduce errors and improve patient safety, especially in children’s nursing. For the purpose of achieving this particular aim, the study will also have some key objectives. These include, to search and identify the available literature materials that are most relevant to the research question and to determine the importance of introducing names onto the theatre caps. It was also be the objective of this study to examine the importance of introducing role delegation. The research involved the use of a descriptive survey research design and a questionnaire as the data collection tool. The PDSA was the service improvement strategy employed for the purpose of this study. The study also involved the use of three online search databases that include Medline, CINAHL as well as Cochrane. The study found that the implementation of introducing names and role delegation onto theatre caps is important practice and that it will reduce errors and improve patient safety in the future. Introduction to Service Improvement Service improvement (SI) in health care is a methodical approach that uses precise techniques to measure and deliver continual improvements in the quality of a service (The Health Foundation, 2010). Whilst SI in the National Health Service (NHS) can improve provision, reduce costs, streamline services and reduce errors in practice, Craig (2018) argued that it may not be adequate for improving outcomes and quality of care when used alone. The Kings Fund (2012) agree nurses should be engaged and actively involved in developing a shared vision of the quality improvement strategy, however, they suggest the biggest weakness is its failure to engage clinicians in management and leadership roles. Additionally, they state that engaging staff is essential in making change and improvement happen to deliver a better patient experience with fewer errors for SI to be sustained. The NHS Institute of Innovation and Improvement (NHSIII) (2009) highlighted the relevance of SI stating that each social care provider is encouraged to work within a team whilst still improving their own part of the service. All health care personnel must adopt change and support staff to enhance their services (NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement, 2009). Whitby (2018) further describes improvements in care to be a widespread development of leadership skills in front-line nurses with the strongest and most immediate influence on staff behaviour, emphasising nurses and ward managers are well placed to improve organisational cultures and implement necessary changes in their practice setting.

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