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Management Evolves (O’Connell, 2020)

identify what you feel is the most valuable/interesting point in that article.
Please briefly describe the point and explain why you feel this is something
that your organization should understand about today’s performance management

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5 also dictates that the patient may feel extremely distressed due to the “possession” of the alternate identities. Over 70% of patients have attempted suicide, it has also been observed that multiple attempts and self harming behaviour has been common. The moment Kevin took over his own body, he first begged one of the other characters to kill him, which is aligned with observed suicide risk and patient distress in the DSM-5. According to the ISSD 2011, it has included many forms of many treatment plans. However, the primary treatment is individual psychotherapy. The most ideal goal for the patient is to have all of the alternate personalities stabilize and combine. Medication such as anti-anxiety should and coping strategies should be used as well. These different techniques can help the patient. Most likely alternate personalities may come out out due to re traumatisation or flashback to the trauma, when they they are older. Due to the sensitivity of of each individual patient their treatment plan must be extremely intricate and tailored to the patient’s unique mental health need. This movie does not particularly go into how the other personalities were born, but we can see many times that these personalities have a way of communicating with each other within the mind. It is stated in the movie that the horde of personalities all have to wait in the chair and Barry is in charge of who gets to step into the “light”, in this case the “light” is whoever gets to control the body. I have always been skeptical about the fact that the alters are able to communicate with each other in such an elaborate way. Split shows that Dennis and Patricia idolize The Beast and they essentially kidnapped the three girls as a sacrifice for when The Beast emerges. To do this, they wrestle away the authority that Barry had over the light. It is shown that Hedwig was Kevin’s innocence as a child and is rather gullible. However, Hedwig has complete control over the mind and the capability to put or remove anyone from the light forcibly. Patricia causes Hedwig to lose trust in Barry so he no longer has authority, therefore successfully staging a coup d’état. The largest issue I’ve had with this movie was this power to fight for being the one in control. I have always believed that all alternate personas would be there to protect the main persona, in this case, Kevin. However, in the movie the Kevin has not been in the “light” for about 2 years. There has always been a stigma in our culture that those with mental health issues are dangerous to society. Most people take fictional movies meant for entertainment, as fact. It is unfortunate because there are many families with member suffering from different mental illnesses, they understand the illness in which they are exposed. However, those who do not specifically study psychology only have movies, media, and other entertainment outlets to find out information on mental illness. Those with family or friends who suffer mental illness can only watch as the patients may be discriminated as “crazy or psycho.” They are immediately labelled as dangerous, but the fact is the most patients suffering from mental illness are more likely to be victims of abuse rather than perpetrators. Sadly, many begin to underestimate the seriousness that mental illness causes. However, just because mental illness cannot be seen, such as bodily harm or disease, does not mean we can insinuate that mental illness is not just as dangerous to millions of people arou

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