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Managing information systems

1.Choose one method by which enterprise systems add value to business. Name the specific business processes and the functional areas affected. Explain your responses.

Your response should be at least 200 words in length.


Explain operational CRM versus analytical CRM. Under what conditions would a decision maker use either application?

Your response should be at least 75 words in length.

3.Name and explain at least one recent, new technology created and used for the benefit of e-commerce.

Sample Solution

"Look at the difficulties looked by Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières and the volunteer specialists associated with the Syrian outcast emergency" Specialists Without Borders is a "worldwide philanthropic guide non-legislative association" (1). The association was established in 1971 by a gathering of specialists and writers in reference to the Nigerian Civil War of 6 July 1967 – 15 January 1970 as the French specialists that established the association felt just as "the necessities of these individuals exceed regard for national fringes" (1). 80% of the subsidizing for Doctors Without Borders is through private benefactors and the yearly spending plan of the association is around US$610 million (1). The entirety of the specialists and medical attendants that are associated with Doctors Without Borders need to meet a specific criteria so as to have the option to work for the association and are paid £8,988 per annum (this increments after the people initial a year). Just in 2015 30,000 therapeutic experts (mostly specialists and attendants) if "medicinal guide in more than 70 nations" (1). Since first October 2013 the leader of Doctors Without Borders is Dr Joanne Liu and there are right now 34,146 volunteers (1). What makes Doctors Without Borders/MSF unique in relation to some other restorative guide association is that it doesn't speak to any strict, political or monetary gathering and this is done so as to have the option to talk and act uninhibitedly and give quick medicinal guide to those that need it the most and don't limit a specific gathering from this(2). The official page of Doctors Without Borders for Syria expresses that there are 70 medical clinics and facilities identified with MSF in northwestern, western and focal Syria. Figures additionally show that just in 2015 there were 154,647 individuals who were injured and 7,009 individuals kicked the bucket because of the war. 30-40% of these were exploited people were ladies and children(2). In spite of the fact that MSF has been attempting to run a portion of their greatest activities in history for Syria, one of the significant issues they've looked all through the 6 years of this contention however especially in 2015 is the way that the seriousness of the viciousness is expanding quickly and after the kidnapping and arrival of 5 MSF staff in May 2014 the association has needed to close a portion of their clinics and farthest point their work and change the guide they give to a non direct approach which is something they are not used to doing. Since associations like MSF don't favor one side in any contention, and in this manner are not upheld by any administration, they frequently talk and arrange terms and come to concurrence with the two sides of any war and in Syria, they have addressed the Islamic State so as to guarantee that the MSF staff and the patients in emergency clinics won't be assaulted and on the grounds that the reaction they got was not guaranteeing the association needed to stop work in zones constrained by the Islamic State. MSF have expressed that they have been not able "get authorization from the legislature of Syria to work in zones it controls" which has brought about "a large number of individuals (being) far from hands-on help from any outer guide provider"(2). A report distributed by Doctor's Without Borders on the eighteenth February 2016 gives a diagram of the "war‐wounded and war‐dead in MSF‐supported therapeutic offices in Syria" in 2015. The report abridges the job of MSF since the beginning of the contention in 2011 as paying for the reproduction of offices that were harmed or obliterated, "giving restorative supplies; paying a fundamental compensation to emergency clinic staff to empower them to concentrate on their therapeutic work; giving fuel to empower the medical clinic generators to function"(3). Figure 1 can show the measure of setbacks that happened on medicinal offices and the twofold tap assaults that happened just in 2015. For the entirety of the assaults that have been done in 2015 there are numerous youngsters, some matured under 6 and ladies that have been harmed or slaughtered. In addition it has likewise been referenced that when genuine blasts or assaults happen a considerable lot of the individuals that pass on at the site of the assaults aren't taken to restorative offices to be enrolled as dead in light of the fact that the primary center is to get survivors the quick therapeutic consideration that they require thus in this way as a result of this numerous passings are not detailed thus the genuine figures of the loss of life might be a lot higher than what is accounted for (3). The offices present in the Damascus area of Syria fluctuated all through 2015 as they were normally assaulted thus will have needed to migrate or close therefore. Figure 2 shows the changing number of restorative offices consistently for 2015, demonstrating September 2015 to have the most minimal number of MSF offices demonstrating how the seriousness of the contention uplifted in late 2015. An ongoing news report with the heading "A Second MSF Hospital Has Been Bombed in Syria in the Last 10 Days" plainly shows the seriousness of the present conditions for regular folks in Syria yet in addition the specialists. The emergency clinic in Idlib, Northern Syria that had 54 staff is said to have been demolished on the fifteenth February 2016 in the wake of being focused by "four rockets following two assaults inside an interim of a couple of moments". Massimiliano Rebaudengo, MSF's Head of Mission has said Figure 3: Picture demonstrating the outcome of the assaults at the clinic in Idlib, northern Syria. that the assaults against the emergency clinic appear to be conscious as it has now denied 40,000 individuals of medicinal services in the zone and MSF has reported that 8 individuals are right now missing (4). This assault has brought about the passings of 9 staff and 16 patients (one of whom was a youngster) and this loss of life is relied upon to rise once the rubble around the medical clinic has been cleared (5).There were 25 staff present in the emergency clinic at the hour of the assault and 5 kicked the bucket following the assault, 3 were recouped harmed from the rubbles and 2 are as yet missing with the staying 15 staff whom endure (6). It is as yet not referred to who completed the assaults as the states that are associated with the contention have accused one another; Russia denied inclusion, Turkey accused the Syrian government and Syria accused the US-drove alliance (5). This current emergency clinic's running and therapeutic expenses had been bolstered by MSF since September 2015 and even its remaking had been done in December 2015 as it had been compelled to move from its past area because of the few assaults (6). Figure 4 exhibits how the airstrikes pulverize the medical clinics into disintegrates and this hence can feature exactly that it is so hard to reproduce these offices after they have been devastated. Michiel Hofman, the MSF Senior Humanitarian Specialist has expressed in his article for the MSF that generally in different nations like "Afghanistan and Yemen there is just a single military alliance noticeable all around" and as a result of this the GPS subtleties of where the MSF bolstered emergency clinics and centers are can be shared consistently with the military to forestall an assault. Anyway for Syria this is beyond the realm of imagination in light of the fact that there are two alliances noticeable all around that contend and both of these case that they don't and won't target regular people and that their primary targets are psychological oppressors, however it is clear that the regular citizens are intensely influenced notwithstanding these cases. Additionally, another motivation behind why the security of emergency clinics in Syria is troublesome is because of the way that the Government passed an enemy of fear based oppressor law in 2012 that made any kind of compassionate guide and restorative consideration to the resistance unlawful thus in this manner these guides are regularly done subtly without enrolling with the administration. What's more, in view of this very reason any medical clinic that has been bombarded or assaulted by those engaged with airstrikes can be advocated through the implies that they didn't know that they had focused on an emergency clinic in any case as they didn't know about its essence. Right now there are nourishment drops to support regular folks however Michiel Hofman states that the primary explanation these individuals are kicking the bucket is because of the absence of restorative consideration accessible and the seriousness of their war wounds, not because of nourishment deficiencies. Likewise another point made by the senior helpful pro is that when the planes drop nourishment bundles, the regular folks can't be sure that the commotion they have heard is help or a bomb and subsequently this strategy for activity to help has been demonstrated to be profoundly insufficient (7). Figure 5 is a tweet from the MSF International's twitter page and shows pictures of help that has been sent to Syria, expressing that just in January and February 2016, "550 tons of medications, therapeutic material and safe houses" have been sent to help the offices in Aleppo, the biggest city in Syria. This along these lines shows the significant measure of work and help sent by associations like Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières just in Syria. Information discharged by MSF shows that in 2015 there were 94 strikes on 63 MSF upheld therapeutic offices and that 53 of the surgeons were injured while 23 had kicked the bucket, exhibiting how much the assaults have heightened in the previous year contrasted with the underlying years since 2011. MSF has been said to endeavor to increase official access with the endorsement of the Syrian government since 2011 to work yet this has still not been affirmed and subsequently implying that the present restorative and compassionate work being done in Syria puts both the Doctors Without Borders in danger as an association yet in addition the specialists, nurture that work with them as well (8). An article composed by Dr Joanne Liu the International leader of Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) for the Huffington Post expresses that MSF gauges that there are at present "1.5 million individuals caught in attacks forced by the Syrian government-drove alliance, just as by restriction gatherings". As referenced above medicinal supplies are blocked and those whom are fundamentally unwell can't be emptied under attack. For instance in Madaya there have been 49 passings due to

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