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1.Describe the steps in the marketing process. Explain how the marketing concept differs from the other marketing management orientations.
2.Define strategic planning and briefly describe the four steps that lead managers and the firm through the strategic planning process. Discuss the role marketing plays in this process. Name and define the four product/market growth strategies.

Sample Solution

I can't help contradicting the above proclamation, I accept that the global security condition has delineated that war, not harmony, is the common request through patterns in struggle. So as to make this contention, I initially set out the parameters of my article by characterizing what includes the global security condition and the idea of harmony inside the worldwide security condition. The rest of the paper investigates the move from huge scale interstate wars to intrastate clashes, fear based oppression in the course of recent decades from non-state entertainers, the effect of ideological clashes and the future idea of contention and pressures inside the worldwide security condition. At long last, I will exhibit my view on the pattern of religion as a consistent impetus to struggle that has counteracted harmony since the beginning. Universal security alludes to the blend of measures taken by states and associations, for example, NATO to guarantee endurance and wellbeing inside. Universal security and national security are characteristically connected , with worldwide security being national security on the worldwide stage. Global security was first perceived after World War II and extended radically since, covering and consolidating a wide range of issues that can possibly affect world harmony. These issues incorporate both ordinary and non-traditional military tasks, exercises of non-state on-screen characters and ideological clashes. The thought of harmony inside the universal security condition has not been seen reliably enough to propose that the announcement being referred to is valid. To be sure there have been times of harmony inside the global security condition, in any case, considering the contentions that have happened in ongoing decades, it appears that contention is the standard, with spates of harmony in the middle. Before the rush of fanatic Islamic fear based oppression that the worldwide security condition has looked as of late and keeps on confronting, the geopolitical pressure after World War II that swelled into The Cold War spread over four decades where harmony inside the universal security condition was a long way from stable. One can contend that there was a consistent decrease in intrastate clash after the disintegration of the socialist government states in the mid 1990s until the ongoing clashes inside Ukraine, Syria and Iraq. Notwithstanding, this short time of relative harmony in the universal security condition doesn't bolster the explanation that harmony is the standard. This timeframe does likewise incorporate the arrangement of a global alliance to Afghanistan to as far as anyone knows save universal security however which rather just prompted further decay a war-desolated nation and make more contempt towards the west, with huge swathes of the nation falling go into Taliban turns as of late. A pattern in late decades has seen a move away from enormous scale interstate clashes to littler intrastate clashes . Common wars inside nations crosswise over Africa and the Middle East have been consistent and with apparently no imaginable closure, will keep on representing a risk to universal security. These apparently inward clashes inside nations are frequently likewise part of bigger intermediary wars that do represent a noteworthy danger to universal security. For instance, the Iran-Saudi Arabia intermediary strife, some of the time alluded to as the Middle East Cold War , has been on going since the Iranian unrest in 1979 and has spread over and had impact upon apparently inner clashes, for example, the Lebanese Civil war and the Syrian Civil war to name only two. This contribution by bigger state players represents an altogether bigger risk to the universal security condition than if the contentions were simply inner. This has been an expanding pattern in the course of recent decades as the geopolitical scene has changed and expresses that would have already effectively sent soldiers in a specific clash can no longer because of lacking open help and are compelled to rather arm, bolster and prompt nations; this aberrant contribution inside nations at that point prompts rising strains on the global stage. The contention in Syria is a prime case of how apparently inner clashes can get involved in global governmental issues and de-stable any thought of harmony inside the worldwide security condition. While Russia has conveyed 48,000 soldiers on the side of the Syrian Arab Republic, the United States has effectively upheld the Free Syrian Army, a gathering whose principle aim is to cut down the Syrian government . Besides, The United States has likewise sent traditional powers in a warning job to agitators and Special Forces in a more straightforward job in the fight against alleged 'Islamic State'. This blend of troops and powers inside Syria can possibly cause calamitous standoffs and global occurrences including two of the world's most noteworthy superpowers. A case of such an episode was in June 2017 when a US Navy warrior fly shot down a Syrian government warplane. The United States said that the plane had assaulted US-upheld powers and was brought down "in aggregate self protection of alliance collaborated powers". Russia denounced the assault and expressed that it would treat any plane from the US-drove alliance flying west of Euphrates River as a potential objective. Both Russia and The United States are associated with handling purported 'Islamic State', anyway pressures between the two nations over occurrences, for example, the bringing down of a plane referenced above, can start a US-Russia struggle that would have calamitous results. Another long-coming to and possibly de-balancing out result of apparently inner clashes crosswise over Africa and the Middle East, is the human effect and specifically the outcast emergency that these contentions make. Individuals from war-torn nations are compelled to escape their homes and travel a huge number of miles looking for the wellbeing and security that the global network isn't giving them. Because of the contention in Syria that started in 2011, 80% of Syrians presently live in neediness, with over 13.5 million individuals inside Syria still needing philanthropic help . Besides, Syria has been depicted as "the greatest philanthropic and displaced person emergency within recent memory", with over 4.5million enrolled Syrian evacuees escaping the contention and taking a chance with their lives to escape from war. This inundation of displaced people has negatively affected neighboring states framework and improvement and caused rising strains among the worldwide network as certain nations, for example, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia have not offered any resettlement for Syrian outcasts however are among the most extravagant and most capable countries in the district. The war in Syria is only one case of how an apparently inside clash can have a long coming to and de-balancing out impact on the worldwide security condition. In addition, the War in Syria is a present case of what can be contended has been a pattern in the worldwide security condition since the finish of The Cold War. Wars have been a battled about area and belief system and have had enormous state players supporting, equipping and prompting non-state on-screen characters so as to accomplish their basic aims without the bigger scale strife that, on account of The United States and Russia, the bigger scale struggle referenced could have could in any case bring about World War III. For instance, the Soviet-Afghan war (1979-1989) that saw The United States equipping and providing the Mujahedeen to battle against the Russians. This pattern in intermediary wars and strains on the world stage since the finish of the Cold War doesn't bolster the thought that 'harmony, not war, is the common request of the worldwide security condition'. In spite of the fact that, as strife patterns appear, destructive enormous scale political clash has been bit by bit diminishing in the course of recent decades , psychological oppression has and keeps on being perhaps the biggest risk to the solidness of the worldwide network and one of the biggest preventers of harmony inside the global security condition. Universal psychological warfare has spiked since the assaults on the World Trade Center in 2001 with US approach creators "announcing transnational fear mongering the following extraordinary risk to worldwide security" in the prompt fallout of the assaults. In 2015, the quantity of passings from radical Islamic fear based oppression in North America and Europe rose unmistakably, supporting the view that the world, and specifically the universal security condition is more unpredictable and insecure than it has been previously. It has additionally been discovered that frail or bombed states are focuses of action for psychological oppressor exercises and all things considered can devastatingly affect universal security The assaults on September 11 2001 (9/11) without a doubt delineate a move in essential inspiration for psychological oppression to the strict and fundamentalist domain. Notwithstanding, before the flood of fanatic Islamic fear based oppression that the world is confronting at present, other psychological militant associations compromised and upset the harmony inside the worldwide security condition. Patriot and frequently nonconformist philosophies were viewed as the fundamental inspiration for psychological oppression before the move after 9/11. Instances of such dissenter developments incorporated the Irish Republican Army (IRA), which directed psychological militant tasks against the United Kingdom all through the late twentieth century. Another case of such fear based oppression that has counteracted harmony all through the universal security condition is the Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (ETA) that has led assaults inside Spain and France, murdering more than 820 individuals to date. Psychological oppression all through the previous century has developed and changed persistently, from its helpers to the manner by which it is led. In any case, psychological warfare has consistently been a steady risk to the universal security condition and with not a single genuine end to fear mongering to be seen, as polit

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