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Marketing – VoC case study

Robinhood is interested in better understanding points of friction in the customer journey. We’re thinking about
piloting a “Voice of Customer” survey program which solicits feedback from our customers after they’ve called
in and connected with us through our agents.
You have been asked to develop a document, roadmap and dashboard that will be shared with stakeholders
for how we should develop this program. The dashboard and roadmap will be shared broadly whereas the
document will be a write up for the Head of Customer Experience.
You will be developing preliminary material to share with the Head of Customer Experience and our agents.
The goal is to lay the groundwork for the Voice of the Customer Program. You have been asked to:
• Deliver a 1 page document that outlines the approach the Voice of the Customer program
• A roadmap that outlines the steps required to implement the program
• And a dashboard that will be used by senior leadership and our agents
Deliverable A: 1 Pager
Write a 1 page document that outlines your approach to setting up such a program. The document should
address the following questions:
a. How would you approach setting up such a program?
b. What are the big milestones in this program?
c. What are potential impediments?
d. How do we determine whether this program is a success?
e. What questions should we include in the survey and why?
f. What other collateral would you include as part of this project?
Deliverable B : Roadmap
Develop a roadmap that outlines your process for setting up the “Voice of the Customer” program. Feel free to
set up the roadmap as you see fit and make reasonable assumptions. Elements that you may wish to consider
are timelines, milestones, resourcing, stakeholders and progress check-ins.
Deliverable C: Dashboard
Design a dashboard that could be used by agents and senior leadership to track the Voice of the Customer
Some questions to think about are:
i. What are you seeking to track? (
ii. What metrics would you include?
iii. How should we think about different customer segments? How about different channels?

Sample Solution

Pictograms, ideograms and icons all contribute to the understanding of information, whether that be navigation, education or signage. The Isotype Institute brought about the common use of pictograms within information design, which allowed everyone an equal way to learn and understand information. This is the main reason for designing a universal language, for equality and understanding (Neurath, 2010). However, Isotype’s design is based around Western culture, especially Europe, and was found difficult to transfer to another culture, such as with Nigeria (Neurath.M, 2009 p.g 75-76). Marie Neurath needed to change the way things looked to represent things for the Nigerian people. It suggests that constructing a pictorial language within a culture makes it difficult to understand, and even non-transferable between very different cultures. This also applies to using colour, as explained with David Crow’s example of white symbolising death and mourning to the Chinese (Crow.D, 2006 pg.36). Things have different meanings to different cultures, not everything, but enough to complicate a pictorial language’s comprehension internationally. The colour green is found to represent organic material, living organisms and healthiness. In the instance of the green fire exit sign (fig.7), the colour is used to associate with safety and reassurance, similarly used with traffic lights. However, green is seen as good to a certain extent, an individual can still associate it to something negative. Although, when the colour is paired with the fire exit symbol then it is mostly understood, the majority of the world use and understand this sign. It appears that colour affects understanding, but for us to see the benefits it would need extensive research and real world trials. An in development feedback driven pictorial language could help produce more universal symbols. In reference to Bruno Munari, symbols act like words within poetry and need interpretation to be read together in sequence (Munari.B, 1966). In the argument for and against interpretation, applied meaning by an auth

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