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Medicare and Medicaid

Research the following websites and sites that you find on your own. After doing the research; submit a paper answering all of the the following questions. Please submit in APA format.

Because the names Medicare and Medicaid are so similar, people often get them confused. Medicare ( and Medicaid (

Compare and contrast Medicare and Medicaid in terms of eligibility, services, and funding.

Explain how both programs are accessed and describe what is covered under both (Medicare and Medicaid).

Explain the Affordable Care Act and who benefits from this program.

An older adult client needs long-term services and supports and wants to stay in her home. She is on Medicare and Medicaid and receives modest Social Security benefits. What resources would you pursue to assist her?

Think about a situation in which you might need elder resources (maybe a family member needs long-term services and supports, a friend is nearing retirement, or someone close to you has to make a healthcare decision). Find at least 3 to 5 websites that provide services for older adults –i.e.; and
and answer the following questions:

Which websites or resources were the most helpful to you? Why? What kinds of information were available, accessible, and most interesting to you? Were you able to find out what you needed or wanted to know?

Think about a service or product you could offer to older adult? Based on your

Sample Solution

Short Story: Crushing on a Girl Named Evangeline I contemplated his face and attempted to comprehend his thought. "She looks startling yet I think we are not trackers, and I realize her sister better, I don't ponder it. I am on a table I utilized a fork to play with and constrained the fork down, Deane shook his head, "I don't have the foggiest idea whether it's a smart thought to be near only you, when you contact her sam you See how it responds. I am 13 years of age. I began to look all starry eyed at my closest companion, she just disclosed to me she was obsessed with her football crew young lady. My heart is shaking - I am not obsessed with straight young ladies! I composed an anecdote around a 13 - year - elderly person who thought of a rich, sentimental ungainly, broken love article. She isn't conversing with me any more. We are not telling it in our yearly family camp travel month. This is humiliating; we see each other quietly and consent to profess to be companions. I feel genuine kinship as she misses my organization. Perhaps she did it. She let me go through the night with a camper which I once utilized, I said as much, and she didn't hold down expectation, what it implies. Another companion joined As a rule, she discusses my granddad. At the point when he rests in an alternate room, she talks like a kid when highly contrasting or on the TV and the other is flickering. Like a middle school young lady who is fixated on her, let her grin and become flushed, talk about him, and keep in touch with her name close to her last name over and over. What's more, I might want to know how two individuals who have hitched for a long time can adore each other without a doubt. In what capacity can my grandma overpower my granddad obviously along these lines? My closest companion additionally encountered similar difficulties. From the start she believed that she was straight similar to me. At that point I am wild about young ladies. At that point I believed that she is promiscuous. At that point I experienced passionate feelings for different young ladies (same young lady, this is my subsequent young lady, she is acceptable at getting eyes). At that point I feel that she isn't swinger yet gays. At that point there are numerous different things that makes her first mindful of her that she is right. For some LGBTQ young people, this is frequently the manner in which it is. The hetero world in which we live is revealing to us that we are mystery, we are mixed up, evil, yet we need to be gay. Clearly, these are false. Yet, that doesn't mean we have no effect. We and numerous others are befuddled, terrified and uncomfortable for our prevailing society. A significant number of us are not in any event, thinking, and we may not be simple until we get old and experience interest with a similar sex.

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