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Memento 5 Kerry James Marshall

Take a look at the image of the painting Memento #5 – Kerry James Marshall — Google Arts & Culture

  1. Which of the 4 roles of the artist mentioned in chapter 1 do you think this artist fits into the best? Why?
  2. What has the most emphasis in the work, or what is its focal point? What does that tell you about the work?
  3. What associations does this work bring up for you? Tell us what element, principle of design or piece of subject matter helps make each association?
  4. How does the way the medium is handled (roughness or smoothness of paint, stone, etc.) affect your interpretation? Can you imagine it being handled another way?
  5. How does the artist’s identity affect how you interpret the work?
  6. What historical or environmental relationships affect how you interpret the work?

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the general public's shocked reaction to wrongdoing this was by being extreme and corporal in nature to build up the shared mindset to the improvement of social orders and 'industrialized' philosophies. Strict power declined and accordingly it prompted compassion toward guilty parties and discipline was expected to support the shared mindset to keep social control. Communist penology is for the most part centered around the practical construction and the cycles of creation inside society, the social imbalance in an entrepreneur society lastly, the persecution of common individuals by center and privileged. They make sense of that discipline is a strategy for keeping the social control and interests of the strong. They express that lack of work would impact the detainees to get once more into work which would give a negligible difference in reoffending since there would be a merciful discipline and as it were, a given motivating force as opposed to giving a crueler discipline which would shape them into reoffending. Rusche contemplated that society's decision class tracked down ways of rebuffing and this inclined toward the monetary interests, so corrective practice is deterministically driven by social orders financial necessities at a given time. Since free enterprise depends on the work of the regular workers, jail was more successful than corporal or the death penalty. Rusche writes in his automatic article of 1933, ''hardship of opportunity for an unmistakable period showed ahead of time in the sentence of the court… ' '- in a perfect world it would urge the wrongdoer not to reoffend by rebuffing him/her yet it is clear that it would impact them to reoffend. This can be upheld by Cooke who expressed ''jail climate isn't viable… recovery… cause mental harm… leave jail in a more regrettable mental state'' E.P. Thompson underscored that the strong in the public eye utilize their ability to characterize and shape criminal regulation. Authorizing discipline to control the common laborers by condemning exercises that undermined their power and put significance on how the frail been able to control their way of behaving. Analysis follows as they zeroed in on their major convictions and on their presumption of an easygoing connection between the financial circumstances and types of discipline. Natural positivists accept that science can be utilized to make sense of wrongdoing when it is considered with social ecological reasons - as positivists center around useful exploration, it depicts that the examination is more dependable instead of the Marxist suppositions. Mental impacts center around building a profile to match the guilty party and the purpose for their violations instead of zeroing in completely on the social factors that Marxist's emphasis on. Foucault was impacted by Marxism yet contradicted the standard belief system, he contended that discipline changed from corporal to carceral in light of the fact that it financially benefitted the strong to teach guilty parties and to hold them as 'productive members of society' - as opposed to killing or harming them. Foucault contended that detainment facilities neglected to change wrongdoers yet was utilized to hold their control over

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