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Listen to THE AUDIO: You must listen to Dr. Amey’s audio interview with Macomb County corrections Officer, Toni Schunk First ! (LOCATED IN FILES) when you click on the link in files it says View or Download you must press download in order to hear it.)

  1. WRITE A SYNOPSIS IN THE FORM OF A MEMORANDUM: After watching the video, you must summarize your thoughts in a brief memorandum, which should be addressed to the professor teaching your course. Memorandums (memos) are a common form of business communication found in all criminal justice workplaces. This exercise is intended to help familiarize you with the basic structure and expectations when writing a memo. For this assignment, use the memo template.
    Fill in the memo header with your information

The body of the memo should be typed in Times New Roman, black, size 12 font and the margins should not be adjusted from the settings in the template. The body of the memo should provide your synopsis (200 words or more), which must address the following points:

  • What did you think about the information in the video?
  • How does it inform your career thinking and decision making?
  • What insights given by the interviewee were most influential to your thinking? Why?

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nequality between the two genders at an adolescence stage. Hart depicts the courage it took for the character Alma to “ask[ed] why girls couldn’t go for the water as well” symbolising the sexism and the oblivious gender superiority. This is shown in the language as “the boys felt threatened by this question”. The verb ‘threatened’ holds a strong intention by the boys in the classroom, proposing the idea that this is a boundary that should not be crossed by the girls, almost giving it an animalistic touch. Regardless of gender, boys and girls should be treated as equals to one another yet there is the underlying presumption that boys will always be stronger than girls. This is not only shown in Hart’s work but also projected throughout the history of society on gender inequalities; ranging from pay gap between men and women to women’s rights to many things. The text can also be interpreted from a feminist perspective as Alma had bravely stood up to question the inconspicuous sexism that had been occurring in the classroom. By doing so, she broke down the walls which eventually allowed the girls in the classroom to carry the water bucket, as no job should be restricted down to one gender but to both. In this case “improving educational opportunities for girls, therefore, is essential to improving the next generation’s educational outcomes” signifies that knowledge developed through education has an impact on children’s minds and their perspective to acceptance. The importance of Hart’s story involving school children shows how regardless of age, there is inequality. Internalising gender equality through socialisation. With this in mind, the representation of gender in both texts suggest that there is an expectation that women and girls must follow. Whether that is to meet certain guidelines to look appealing to the eye or to be restricted within a patriarchal society, women will sometimes struggle but will also conquer to overcome these problems. About Essay Sauce

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