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Military intervention in Myanmar

Does your assigned role support the norm of responsibility to
protect for a military intervention in Myanmar?
• SWOT: Is your country capable and powerful politically, diplomatically and
militarily? How is your country’s relations with Myanmar?
• Stance and Response: Has your country supported the idea of humanitarian
intervention? Or whether your country put human rights higher than
sovereignty of other countries?
2 23 May – To what extend does your assigned role encourage free trade by
opening up its own market and lowering its tariffs?
• SWOT: Is your country a developed, developing or least developed country?
Has your country got any economic partners or currently a member of any
regional or international economic institution?
• Stance and Response: Check the economic grouping and issue that your
country has worked with, e.g., WTO, AIIB, BRICS, RCEP, APEC…
3 6 Jun – Has your assigned role been affected by issues such as cultural
assimilation and integration?
• SWOT: Is your country a highly homogenized country with the domination
of a single ethnicity? Any new immigrants to your country?
• Stance and Response: Has your country launched any policy, e.g., national
education, mainstreaming, and others? Is your country multi-ethnic or
welcome new immigrants with the emphasis on pluralism?
4 20 Jun – What are the major policies of your assigned country in tackling
climate change?
• SWOT: How has your country been affected by climate change? Does your
country capable to tackle in terms of financial resources, technology, or
diplomatic lobbying?
• Stance and Response: Has your country worked alone, with other counties,
or seek cooperation with regional or international institution, other actors?
5 4 Jul – How does your assigned role think about vaccine nationalism? What
should be done further for tackling COVID-19?
• SWOT: Is your country the one created vaccine nationalism? Or your country
has been affected negatively by such phenomenon? How can your country
cope with the shortage of vaccine? Would your country offer help to others?
• Stance and Response: Does your country focus on its self-interest and
security? Would the WHO be helpful and influential in solving the problem?

Sample Solution

Servelec Group began in the 1970s providing software, hardware and services mainly to UK customers for industries such as healthcare, oil and gas, nuclear power, water, utilities and broadcast sectors. Servelec Group have a robust technology and engineering legacy, they have the highest skilled and experienced staff working around the offices in the UK. Servelec Group started off designing and manufacturing control systems for the steel industry and now are operating in two divisions Servelec Healthcare and Servelec Automation. In Servelec Healthcare the focus is on software and hardware in the healthcare industry. In the Servelec Automation division there are two segments Servelec Controls and Servelec Technologies (Servelec Group, 2016). Servelec HSC focuses on the design, development, deployment and support within software for healthcare, social care and education for the local government (Servelec Group, 2016). There are many current software systems such as Electronic Patient Records, Patient Administration Systems, Patient Flow Bed Management, Clinical Information Systems, e-observations and e-prescribing technologies. These systems are maintained through mobile and portal solutions such as apps, healthcare portal, and many more. Servelec Controls creates and combines mission-critical systems for well-known companies within industries for national infrastructure that is combined by specialist hardware, software, and engineering products to deliver control, monitoring and safety solutions for their customers. Servelec Controls have effective solutions because they save time and money for other organisations for example the company’s remote operation and monitoring solution, is provided to UK major operator where the company determines key benefits to UK operators focusing on safety gains and efficiency savings (Servelec Group, 2016). Servelec Technologies provides control systems to large well-known companies within in

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