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Misperception and Misunderstanding

  1. Choose a recent interaction that you’ve had in which a misperception or misunderstanding occurred
  2. Write a brief description of the situation and the misperception or misunderstanding that occurred, using as much specific detail as possible. This part of the paper should be ONE PARAGRAPH and can function as the introduction to your paper.
  3. Next, analyze the situation in terms of the barriers to accurate perception presented in Adler and Proctor (2016), common tendencies in perception (pp. 120-123). Specifically, identify the two perception problems or barriers you think most impacted the situation. Explain/define each of these problems/barriers and then discuss how that problem/barrier led to misperception that occurred.
  4. Finally, describe what strategies for improving interpersonal perception would be most helpful in preventing the misperception from occurring again in the future (see Adler & Proctor, 2016, pp. 123-135). Make sure you describe specific behaviors that would go with each strategy you describe.
    This paper should be 3-5 pages in length; the description of the situation and the misperception that occurred should be about one paragraph.

Sample Solution

Being long and short forward contracts for 100 ounces of gold that settle on the same day effectively means that the speculator has locked in the $5,000 profit, regardless of what the spot price of gold happens to be at the time the two contracts expire. However, this profit will not be realized until the two contracts are settled. At that time, the speculator must pay $41,500 to buy 100 ounces of gold at $415 per ounce, as specified by the initial forward contract in which he or she had a long position; simultaneously, the speculator will deliver the 100 ounces of gold and receive $46,500 as per the second forward contract in which he or she held a short position. Because the $5,000 short-term profit cannot be realized for 9 months (settlement day for the two contracts), the net combined value of these forward contracts is the present value of the $5,000 to be received when they expire. With settlement in 9 months, if the risk-free rate is assumed to be 5%, the value of the “covered” original forward agreement is: This represents a discount of $180.72 from the value of a comparable futures contract, which could be realized immediately by simply “selling” it in the futures market. It would appear, therefore, that the value of forward contracts should be less than that of comparable futures contracts because they are less liquid and expose the counterparties to more credit risk. However, these unfavorable factors are offset by the fact that forward contracts do not require the counter-parties to make margin or mark-to-market deposits, and they may receive slightly better tax treatment from a timing perspective. Empirical studies indicate that price differentials between comparable forward and futures contracts typically are negligible, suggesting that the advantages and disadvantages between forward and futures contracts are largely offsetting. Option speculate

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