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is connection is generally located in the middle that separate the long and the short arms, and aid with the process of cell division, making it possible for sister chromatids to attach to each other. This way, alleles will be able to separate in the division process, and can be further on combined with other ones to form a combination of traits. The similarities that are shown between members of the same species are due to common genes that code for the same characteristics or traits. However, every organism is unique and different from each other because alleles get combined and create an exclusive set of genes that will vary the gene expression. Fig. 5 Chromosomes in cell division. As we have previously stated, the genome is not the same in all the biological classifications. The chromosome number often varies in number, shape and content. We are able to study and observe these trends through their karyotype. A karyotype is an image of the chromosomes of a living thing. They are key to knowing the differences in chromosomes in different species, for example, the fact that there are 48 chromosomes in chimpanzees but 24 in tomatoes. In addition to this, It also gives an idea of chromosome classification. It includes how are chromosomes divided; how many of them can be found within the nucleus of every cell or how many of them there are for every type. The most common is diploid nuclei, in which chromosomes are arranged in pairs. Illustrated by the case of humans, which are diploid, we have a total of 46 chromosomes, arranged in 23 pairs. Consequently, a polyploid nuclei is the one that has more than two homologous sets chromosomes in each cell, and it is more common in some plants and crops. There is a wide range of polyploidy, including triploids like bananas, and like potatoes. (New World Encyclopedia, 2008). In the case of humans, the National Human Genome Institute stated that the complete DNA sequence consists of 3 billion base pairs that form 46 chromosomes of each cell. (23 pairs). 22 of these 23 pairs are autosomes, and the 23rd pair is known as the sec chormosome. This is the chromosome that influences the sex that a fetus will develop to be. Fig. 6 Human Karyotype Fig 7. DNA structure. As mentioned before, DNA belongs to the biomolecule classification of nucleic acids. Its structure consists of three basic parts: a pentose sugar (a five carbon atom), a phosphate group and a nitrogenous base. Nucleotides are linked together by covalent bonds, and at the same time, the nitrogenous bases are joined by hydrogen bonds. There are four nucleotides; Adenine, Cytosine, Thymine and Guanine(A, C, T, G) and they can be linked together in any order because their phosphate and sugar structure are the same. DNA molecules in prokaryotes can be found in the cell’s cytoplasm, and in the nucleus for eukaryotes. This last organelle is characterized for being surrounded by an extra membrane that provides it with protection, aside from the plasma membrane that encloses the cell. That being said, eukaryotes have two membranes; one for nucleus or genetic material protection and another one for general cell delimitation.

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