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What about you/your organization, are there products/services that your company reintroduces throughout the year? If so, what how are these items forecasted each season? Do you simply look at the previous year’s history + expected new annual demand?

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In the end, both Ahab and the student are unable to move beyond their suffering because they cannot see past it. Although Ahab is told that "the White Whale's malice is only his awkwardness" (635), he still cannot accept that Moby Dick is just an animal acting on instinct. But Ahab believes he will slay the agent of his suffering, not an aggressive Sperm Whale. By the time he meets Moby Dick for the final time, Ahab's monomania has erased all thoughts of turning back. With his final breath Ahab declares that he will destroy it, but instead is swallowed by the sea. His obsession with the whale destroys not just himself, but his ship and crew as well. The student also finds that he cannot escape from his suffering. In desperation he asks, "tell this soul with sorrow laden if, within the distant Aidenn / It shall clasp a sainted maiden whom the angels name Lenore" (93-94), but is only met with "nevermore". The idea that his love is not in Heaven brings the narrator's pain to a climax. With anguish, he implores the raven to leave him alone to his misery. However, the student finds his "soul from out that shadow that lies floating on the floor / shall be lifted-nevermore!" (107-108). Believing that the raven's presence prevents him from rising beyond his pain, the narrator continues to wallow in his sorrow. Meanwhile, he perceives that the raven casts a dark shadow upon him, one in which there is no joy or hope. The fates of Captain Ahab and the student illustrate what happens to those who cannot see past their suffering. Mankind abhors the idea of suffering, but unlike Captain Ahab and the narrator of The Raven, most people can find a way to learn from such experiences and move on. But Ahab and the student cannot get past the fact that they must endure pain, and become entrapped by it. To avoid the fate of these two characters, humanity must treat suffering as a necessary part of life that is meant to help one mature not take it as meaningless. Obsessing over pain will only bring about more suffering, as Ahab and the narrator discover. Because the true purpose of suffering is to teach humans of how precious moments of joy are. Works Cited

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