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Models for Competitive Dynamics

Competition has, since the 1990s, led to wider gaps between industry leaders and laggards. There are more “winner-take-all” environments and greater churns among industry sector rivals. We have witnessed sharp increases in the quality and quantity of IT (Information Technology) investments. We’ve seen striking competitive dynamics, particularly in sectors that spend the most on IT. Some of the competitive dynamics models include the Destroy Your Business (DYB) strategy, the Grow Your Business (GYB) strategy, the Information Systems (IS) and strategic advantage, and the social business strategy.

Write a 4–5 page paper in which you:

Compare and contrast the DYB and GYB strategies in terms of the ability to sustain a business in the marketplace over the long term, to be competitive against rivals, and profitability.
Examine the “cannibalization” strategy and determine if it is or is not a better strategy compared to the DYB strategy for growth, competitiveness, and market leadership. Provide two business examples.
Determine whether changes in business strategy should entail reassessment of IS. Provide three reasons to support your position.
Examine how firms can use social IT in alignment with organizational strategy and IS strategy. Consider collaborative capabilities; and what, how, and who should use social IT for a social business strategy.

Sample Solution

According to traditional realist position in ontology, time and space are objective and exist apart from the human mind. Idealists, on the contrary, claimed that time and place depend on people’s minds. Kant suggested that time and place are not substances, but elements of a systematic framework used by people to structure their experiences. Measurements of place were used to justify how far apart thongs were, and temporal measurements were used to quantitatively compare the interval between (or duration of) events. Einstein proposed that the laws of physics should be based on the principle of relativity. This means that the laws of physics are the same for all observers, and do not depend on the frame of reference that is used, and that light propagates at the same speed in all reference frames (Madanipour, 2017). Lefebvre (2004) combines place and time in the concept of “rhythmanalysis”, making it the main idea of urban development (Lefebvre, 2004). In human geography it is argued that dimensions of time and place (space) are interconnected and do not exist independently (May and Thrift, 2001). Relations between time and place arise as a significantly interdisciplinary issue. In language studies M. Bakhtin applied a term “chronotop” to describe the configuration of time and place in literature (Bakhtin, 1981). He gave “the name “chronotop” (literally, “time space”) to intrinsic connectedness of temporal and spacious relationships that are artistically expressed in literature”. Thus, chronotop is considered as a category of literature that combines time and place and admits their unconditional interconnection. According to Bakhtin, chronotop in literature is influenced by historical conditions and defines the genres of literature. Thus, looking at my research topic through linguistic philosophy, it seems possible to apply the term “chronotop” to place branding. It is approached in the literature that place brand is a range of characteristics, connected with place (associations, attitudes, attributes etc.). If we consider time as a linear process consisting of the past, the present and the future, we can assume the possible meaning of time for place stakeholders. Possibly, the past might be associated with their previous

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