modern Finance;

modern Finance;

The research topic is “the buying back of shares is a dangerous financial strategy as it increases the company’s capital gearing.” Evaluate this statement. It should include a theoretical part (3/4) and a practical element (1/4 of final output). Data for the practical part can be obtained from company reports, books, public records, newspapers, periodicals, financial data systems(Bloomberg, Reuters etc.) The practical aspect is intended to underpin the theory clearly showing the relevance of the latter and any aspects of the application thereof. It should be 2500-3000 words excluding appendices and bibliography•
Each assignment must be word-processed, have a well-developed structure, and care must be taken to cite pertinent references for definitions, quotations, tables, arguments, ideas, figures etc.
•    Specific sources mentioned within the main body of the assignment must appear in sequenced footnotes, where full details of the source must be given, including author, title, publisher, date of publication, and page number.  Alternatively, the Harvard method can be used, but it is essential to mention the page number in each citation of a book.
•    An end-of-assignment bibliography must also be given, which should include all types of sources utilized, such as journal articles, websites, books, newspaper articles etc, that were referenced in the process of preparing the work.
•    In the case of company-related information and other documentary data, copies of the relevant pages of annual reports or financial-information sheets should be attached in an appendix at the back of the assignment.
•    Assessment and marking of each assignment will take into consideration the extent of theoretical coverage of the topic chosen, soundness of theories/concepts covered, adherence to appropriate standards of academic research, in addition to the coherence of structure, quality of presentation, and critique provided


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