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Our first project was to look at how the experience of music can change in different spaces. In contrast to place, space is not meaningful, it is just an area that we move through. When walking through the streets of Bristol, there is so much life going on around you which affects all of the senses. We found that at as soon as we put our headphones on, the music narrowed down our senses and we were not as aware of what was happening around us. We felt that the senses which were most dulled down were sound and touch. Immediately the noises of the city were blocked out and we were less conscious of things that we might bump into as we were so engulfed by the music. Another example of this is when you are at a gig or a festival, you constantly bump into people as you are in such a confined space but you often are not aware of the other people around you as you are so focused on the music. We also found that our social interaction hugely lessened in environments such as festivals, clubs or concerts, where we all are primarily listening to the music, which is in almost every case too loud and pummelling to interact with your peers. Instead of blocking out our overpowering surroundings, we become engrossed in the music and atmosphere. Our hearing focuses on one certain sound and whereas the other senses seemed to decrease in effectiveness. We found this rather ironic given the fact that there is a clear common ground between everyone; we all appreciate and want to experience the same music, yet it is extremely difficult to interact with each other due to said music and confined space. This is the same in situations when we move through both crowded spaces and places with our headphones in. When we put our headphones in, we isolate ourselves and create our own world where we dull down our senses. People can view you as being antisocial or “busy” listening to the music in the current environment. For example, in a public and sociable space (pubs, cafes, common areas etc.) we found it often difficult and awkward to approach someone listening to music, given their lack of auditory senses and general closed-off nature. We also felt that people were at their worse when they had music plugged in and they were on their way to work as they tried to avoid us if they saw us approaching them. However, when we move through spaces, such as busy cities, are we listening to music because our surroundings are too overpowering for our senses, or is it because we want to put a meaning to space and turn it into a distinct place?

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