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Moral Status of Animals

There are many competing ethical positions regarding the moral status of non-human animals. For instance, speciesism is the view that humans possess some property or capacity that entitles them to use non-human animal species as resources. What reasoning do speciesists invoke to defend the purported moral superiority of humans (cf. Steinbock 1978, Cohen 1986)? Does this justify the exploitation of non-human animals? Why or why not? Some have argued that speciesism is a logically inconsistent and unacceptably arbitrary position, and instead defend utilitarian positions that focus moral considerations on the capacity for an animal to suffer harm (see Singer 1975, and Norcross 2004: 239-42). In order to avoid the problems of inconsistency and arbitrariness, others have developed more nuanced positions that depart from speciesism in significant ways, (e.g. Warren’s (1987) “Weak Animal Rights position” and Nussbaum’s (2006) “capabilities approach”). In your judgment, what position best represents the moral status of non-human animals? How should this inform our evaluation of human practices that impact other animals? In what does the ethical treatment of animals consist? (i)Defend a position on the moral status of animals with a principled argument and use detailed examples of concrete human practices to illustrate the ethical implications of your principled position; (ii) consider how someone might raise a compelling objection that targets a premise or inference in your argument (explain the reasoning that supports the objection); and (iii) offer a reasonable rejoinder to the objection by either modifying your position to accommodate the concern or countering the objection with an argument that neutralizes the force of the objection.

Sample Solution

factors, aggregate GPA in junior year and number of 'C' grades in senior year. Course grade in Pathophysiology was the just pre-confirmations models to create measurably critical outcomes. These factors anticipated NCLEX-RN achievement 98.7% of the time, and disappointment 5.6%. Understudies who were fruitless on the NCLEX-RN were noted to have two times as many 'C' grades in junior level nursing courses. Nonetheless, the extensive leave test, the National League of Nursing Comprehensive Achievement Test for Baccalaureate Students (NLNCATBS) given to seniors was the most reliable generally speaking indicator of NCLEX-RN achievement and disappointment rates. Execution on the NLNCATBS test anticipated NCLEX-RN achievement 94.7% and disappointment 25% of the time. NCLEX-RN disappointment was more challenging to foresee and by and large less precisely anticipated (Seldomridge and DiBartolo, 2004). McGahee (2010) at first analyzed nine scholastic factors to decide whether these factors were indicators of first-endeavor NCLEX-RN achievement. Starting information assortment prompted changes in the projects educational plan and confirmation strategy and as workforce noted patterns normal to understudies who were fruitless on the NCLEX-RN. In 2007, changes were additionally made to the review's procedure. Rather than nine free factors, the review smoothed out the autonomous factors to three. Discoveries of the review demonstrated outcome in Pathophysiology, the Theoretical Foundations course and scores on RN Assessment Test were all singular indicators of first-endeavor NCLEX-RN achievement. In any case, blends of the three free factors expanded their prescient ability to decide NCLEX-RN first-endeavor. The joined impacts of the RN Assessment Test score and the Pathophysiology course brought about the most grounded indicator of NCLEX-RN achievement. Further, pre-imperative science GPA when joined with any of the other free factors was a measurably huge indicator of first-endeavor NCLEX-RN achievement (McGahee, 2010). Lynton and Thomas (1980) concentrated on endeavors to assemble college populace programs and distinguished fundamental aspects that prompted a foundation building hypothesis and association climate symptomatic structure. Three vital factors to be incorporated inside the system are the idea of the climate, interior design and cycles, like initiative, projects, and navigation and an idea of the association's basic role. There are upholds from society through organization assets like financial plans and wares; middle of the road items like authority, precept, programs, inward designs, and linkages; and eventual outcomes like administrations, impacts to society, and institutional reinvestments back to the college to work with additional transitional items. Normal downfalls in linkages and linkage networks are utilitarian lopsidedness, over-burden and struggle, and fundamental outside and inward connections (Lynton and Thomas, 1980). A proactive position is significant for an association's prosperity, alongside generally high independence of the units on which the association depends for its assets and for the utilization of its results or items.

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