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Motivational Theory (800-1000 words)

Discuss three different motivational theories and compare and contrast them. What are the benefits and drawbacks to each one? Which motivational theory do you think is the best for enabling internal motivation and why? Reflect on your experience. Avoid using quotes from the articles

Explain the concepts in your own words and use proper citations and references. Use personal voice e.g. I agree, I feel, I believe, etc. This paper should have at least 3 references and include one journal article

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n Northern Ireland, change has been slower in social care funding policy due to the historical integration of health and social services, as well as broader political uncertainty. The few reports there have been into the current state and suture of adult social care in Northern Ireland have either focused on further promoting integration within the Health and Care System, or on increasing cost-effectiveness. There were no proposals for a new statutory framework for Adult Social Care entitlements, apart from the recent expert Advisory Panel Report, ‘Power to People’ (Kelly and Kennedy, 2017) which calls for the rights of carers to be placed on a legal footing. Across the globe, ageing societies are attempting to grapple with an increase in demand for care and insufficient funding to meet his demand. Funding reform in the UK, particularly in England (where social care reform remains the responsibility of the UK government) remains fundamentally political. Opposition parties have successively exploited lack of public knowledge about the current system, and fears about their future financial security and status of their homes and inheritances, despite the fact that many already lose home ownership under the current system. Several countries around the world have gone significantly further in legislating to provide sustainable social care funding. An example of progress in this area can be seen in Germany’s iterative approach to reform. The German social and private long-term care insurance introduced in 1995 is a compulsory insurance to cover a portion of long-term care costs. For home care, entitled beneficiaries have a free choice between benefits in kind provided by professional nursing and personal assistance services and cash benefits for informal care. Benefits in cash and in kind can be combined and the long-term insurance also offers counselling when choosing the provider. In addition, benefits are provided for care in residential care homes and semi-residential facilities (e.g. day care). In 2017, about 3.3 million people received support from the long-term care insurance funds, and about 73% of these beneficiaries got long-term care at home. Between 2015 and 2017, Germany’s Federal cabinet passed the three ‘Acts to Strengthen Long-Term Care’. The Acts build on successive reforms since the establishment in 1995 of the German programme to provide universal support for the cost of long-term services and support though compulsory long-term care insurance. Informal carers in Germany provide the bulk of care, as they do in other countries. Measures have been taken to secure pension and insurance contributions for those providing more than 10 hours of care at home. This ensures carers are able to access unemployment benefits (including support to become reemployed) if they decide to leave work in order to care for relatives. To support the Acts’ implementation, the ‘First Act to Strengthen Long-Term Care’ foresees a rise in contributions to the long-term care insurance and from 2017 an additional 5 billion Euros have

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