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Movement in criminology

A recent movement in criminology has been the development of “restorative justice.” Some restorative justice programs seek to find alternative forms of punishment, with the goal of better serving the needs of the victim, offender, and community. Often, punishments involving shame or stigma are utilized instead of incarceration.

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation of 7 slides that will cover the points listed below. Make use of the “notes” areas to elaborate on the brief points presented on the slide.

How effective are policies of shaming and placing stigmas on individuals in deterring crimes?
Critically evaluate the process of restorative justice, and identify barriers to successful implementation. What factors might hinder a restorative justice effort?
Have any restorative justice models proven to be effective in the United States? Provide an example of a program and analyze its effectiveness.
Relate the idea of restorative justice to the impact of attachments, such as to school and social activities.
How can the lessons learned in this assignment be used to improve existing policies?

Sample Solution

concepts. In conclusion, I find that much of the points discussed by both Muggeridge and Kinross are helpful in teaching designers and non-designers alike the significance and history of Typography. The collated excerpts and anecdotes from Muggeridge’s article are an interesting way to present arguments and points regarding different Typographic concepts. His article made me realize that as a designer, I have to understand that Typography must be adaptive and responsive to different project demands and that it is important to have a strong understanding of the different typographic rules and principles before experimenting with typography.10 On the other hand, the article by Kinross, which focused on printing and how it may have helped with modernization presented solid arguments on the significance of Print production and well-delivered content. Although he talked less about Typography, he argues that it is critical to be careful with typesetting as this truly affects how a concept is translated and delivered. Meanwhile, the latter part of Kinross’ article talks about how it is important for people to understand design through processes and not through outputs, as people perceive design to be the product, when in fact, the design is the process in which the product is created (Kinross, 2010). However, while I agree with Kinross that printing may have been fundamental in the development of the modern world and share a similar take on understanding design by looking at the method, I believe that his article, in relation to his argument regarding the significance of Print production, failed to discuss how content delivery and content creation have drastically changed and evolved from traditional printing in today’s digital age. I believe the author could have touched on these topics and tackled how Print production has evolved from traditional practices as well as elaborating on the relationship between Typography and Print Production further. Then again, overall, I would have to agree on much of the arguments presented by both authors as they discussed points which may allow the reader to understand and look at the different concepts, principles, history, and functions of Typography in a vaster yet clearer perspective. Endnotes

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