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Consider the following situation:

A beam of light, starting in air, enters an optical fiber at an angle of a. Show that we can guarantee total internal reflection at the side wall if the index of refraction is greater than about 1.42. In other words, show that regardless of what a is, the light will be refracted back into the material if the index of refraction is greater than about 1.42.

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where cheerleaders are known to be active throughout (including half-times). The requirements of athleticism, strength, flexibility and coordination, promote muscle flexibility. This essentially, improving healthy muscle development which improves the heart rate, therefore decreases aches and pains and the more flexible a person is, the less the likelihood for injury for the individual. While routines are generally a few minutes long, the stamina and endurance required to consistently rehearse while doing stunts, dances and tumbles becomes an effective cardio exercise and depicts an advanced level of physical competency which requires an overall stronger cardiovascular health. Cheerleading reduces the risks of strokes and health while the lower blood pressure improves stamina. College-level training also adds strength training as an added component of practice. However, competing and practising regularly while supporting a large based social group usually deters students and parents towards the activity, as it would be too time-consuming and distracting from their education. However, According to NCA statistics “82% of cheerleaders maintain a grade point average of that equivalent to a B or higher.” Consistently obtaining good grades while being involved with several in school activities has actually seen to be beneficial, as participation offers them and opens them up to many exciting opportunities like school based trips e.g. academic trips or sport competitions, scholarships and the academic honours roll. “NCA statistics show that 82% of cheerleaders are accepted into college.” In 2010 cheerleading was rejected from recognition by U.S. District Judge Stefan Underhill, who found that competitive cheerleading did not have the organization, post-season structure or standardized rules required to be considered a varsity sport, when trying to comply with gender-equity requirements, upholding a U.S. District Court decision against Quinnipiac University. To elaborate on Title IX, the distinction of a sport falls on whether it has coaches, practices, competitions during a defined season and a structured governing organization. The primary concern for the sport should be competing not just the support of other athletic teams. Cheerleading was attached to the idea of preparation for performances during football games and sports council emphasises on the human physical activity involved wh

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