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much ado about nothing

much ado about nothing

Begin the critique by listing the name of the play, the playwright and where and when you saw it.  Then title the review.  The title should give an indication of what

you thought of the show.
Describe the plot.  What is your opinion as to the theme or themes?
Was the play worth seeing?  What kind of impact did it have on you personally?  Did it move you emotionally; did it make you laugh or cry or leave you drained?  Was it

a comedy, a drama or a musical?  Did you enjoy the overall feeling of the play?  If you enjoyed it, what was it about the acting or the story that made you like it?

The same if you did not like it.   Is the theme or subject matter important to today’s world and, if so, why?
Did you like the acting?  Did you believe the actors?  Did they convince you?  Did you have trouble hearing the actors or difficulty understanding what they were

Areas of a play to observe:
1.Plot or story.
3.Relevance of the play to you, your world or today’s world.  Why was the play important to see?
4.The believability of the acting.
5.The set.  How well did it serve the play and the actors?
6.The lighting.  Could you see the actors at all times?  Did it set a mood?
7.Sound.  Could you hear the actors?  Was music or sound incidental to the play or essential?  Was it well executed?
8.Costumes.  Did the actors’ costumes seem appropriate to the action and time of the play?  When was the play set?  Did the costumes look worn?  Etc.
9.Could the director improve certain aspects of the production.  Casting, or acting, for example.
The most important aspects of your paper should be focused on the plot, relevance and acting.  Give your personal opinion as to what you see.  It is important to use

your own sense as to whether this play worked in the way that it was intended to work.  Think of your review as a recommendation to your friends.  Do you recommend

that your family or friends see this play and if they do see it, what can they expect?


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