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Multicultural communication and its origins.

Explain multicultural communication and its origins.
Compare and contrast culture, ethnicity, and acculturation.
Explain how cultural and religious differences affect the health care professional and the issues that can arise in cross-cultural communications.
Discuss family culture and its effect on patient education.
List some approaches the health care professional can use to address religious and cultural diversity.
List the types of illiteracy.
Discuss illiteracy as a disability.
Give examples of some myths about illiteracy

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In this day and age, educating and learning changed decisively: the world is advancing rapidly at a perilous quick speed, making understudies gain abilities and supplant these in a brief time frame, moving rapidly on the following one. Educators are feeling under a gigantic strain to act before understudies, their folks, their associates and the association tables. The schools are under attack, being requested to show results, while understudies are taking their customized figuring out how to a higher level, investing a large portion of their energy out of school on PCs, tablets or telephones (Collins and Halverson: 2009). There is an immense measure of writing discussing the viability of e-learning. The majority of this writing concurs and embrace the utilization of e-learning in schools, taking into account that schools ought to progress as quick as the world does. We are encountering a transformation of information, fuelled by PCs, computer games, web and cell phones, intended to engage individuals to take responsibility for learning, collaboration with others and instructive objectives. As examination recommend, adolescents can now bear to get to data from billions of website pages and many advanced TV Channels , visit with individuals from around the world on Facebook and Twitter, and meet individuals from different social foundations (Hsu and Wang: 2009 ). Ito et al (2008) share that interpersonal organization destinations, and devices, for example, I cushions and cell phones are currently apparatuses of youth culture. While a high level of understudies are tracking down their direction in utilizing ICT beyond school( Lenhart et al 2008; Levin and Arfeh 2002), generally they are not doing as such within schools in manners that they see as significant and pertinent to their lives (Dunaleavy et al 2009; Ito et al 2008, 2009). Research propose that one of the contemporary reason for training is the

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