Museum project

Museum project

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Essay about the museum and art work;

¦ ‘nfinuastkhefocruthr7fnret::dhuibcafttliOnna°1″mvaleten’als available about the exhibition for you to taGekteahnlmxehibition/Educational brochure or purchase an

exhibition catalogue. ¦ In the Gallery: • Read and take notes from the didactic text (written wall  text) thoroughlyc t being tifioirobeughly that d the purpose or –

point of view” about the exhibition:  presented nted and what does the curator  thin k is  impozaraabnthisar-rat do t=r:andkn’w about “yth grouped and selected these s

of=RZrae, o o IcIZ:rttcits7p text o Virwctthaeb:IcscompanYing video
o • L’ste” ‘staCreldlithheInrewsoeirel:;:rt or the 4 objects you like the best, or are Sgeoleuctpe4damr”way that either are all similar or are all different or a

combination of 2rthat are similar; 2 that are different. Writedown the complete obje,citylawbeie:tee information :11::tui thet 7ibf;cotuscana,ktealra7h7tiTsaecretly to

Ge :::ctliFbastoPhT,raionra’s; ftionVeC7IPthrCre are any additional materials ¦ brochure.  catalogues, books, or videos, etc –about the 4 artists or the :1 obelects,

o Review the materials to see and know more abouttItesea4:7,tts .Loybo, Can y. find other examples from the same period re, h k ‘ o Is the  view? are them and disc the

one you her works created at the same time? o sf:::;OlutliTebntiest one? work of art by • the artist during his career or object ‘the “V¦Zat i period k? Take notch

about the work or the object from the material right  the re in the bookstore, and take a photograph if it you  can
21 After Museum Visit fwhat to dol
¦ Review your notes and research further on the Internet information about h 4 objects to know more is and their work or the object. the ¦ aFrrtc:rksYofuart or objects

You have selected; a , titl, date, what m’s or your the and your research–write Mc a the e include the best work of art or object for — Make sure your outline the ..

the o is significant and is liTeerdejias’ae-xhPest exam.: 1:””riagrc t’ocCrlass, ha dcoPYPI°P:r:,HYseluZebTsaexe2the object ¦ Submit to me your ou—

vei,7t6elassignmen,,o1,01,etr’th ° whhei11:::rn,7c7 have completedcs°e’c’tiOn and (cl) have done di research.


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