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Museums are having a hard time digitalizing their catalogues

Museums are having a hard time digitalizing their catalogues. They have to manually create a description for the artworks. Object Detection provides one way of relieving this burden and attempts to provide useful input in this field (annotating objects in the artworks).


  • Provide the current landscape of Object Detection techniques used in this field (what models are used, how do they perform, …)
  • Provide a starting point for future research: what direction should the research field take to provide the most value (either for the end user and the researcher; data augmentation?)

Sample Solution

Contribution of Nursing in Healthy People 2020 The seventh bunch in this gathering connected with nursing mediation practically speaking presented the significance of nursing association in the public authority's Healthy People 2020 program. Trossman (2008) composed that the force of counteraction was not another message, and represented an update that Florence Nightingale advanced clean air and water as a way to control the predominance of illness. In a few ruined networks, school attendants might have been the sole medical services suppliers. Common problems found in trauma centers have been myocardial areas of localized necrosis, strokes, constant lung problems, expanding stoutness, and psychological well-being issues. Trauma centers saw the aftereffects of putting more accentuation on treating sicknesses and conditions than forestalling them. End-of-life care and more methodologies to guarantee sound maturing were among the significant subjects talked about inside the Healthy People 2020 program in its endeavor to distinguish the biggest gathering waiting be reached (Trossman, 2008). Powerful Strategies for NCLEX Success NCSBN Board of Directors reevaluates the passing standard like clockwork with an end goal to guarantee least skill and safe practice by new medical caretaker graduates. Changing the passing score is intended to guarantee that every up-and-comer meets the base capabilities for another medical attendant and can work in the present changing medical services climate. The NCLEXRN and the NCLEX-PN are controlled on the web, and every up-and-comer has a special test. In any case, all tests follow the test plan with the goal that the assessment experience is comparable for all competitors. It is essential to comprehend the test organization and how the test is scored. The length of the test for every up-and-comer, as well as unambiguous test, still up in the air by the competitor's information level and capacity to pick right responses. Each test thing is introduced on the PC screen, and answers are handled right away (Hopkins, 2006). Financing and Legislation of Programs The 6th part in this gathering of audited writing connected with nursing mediation by and by presented regulation and subsidizing as fundamental for the improvement of projects to teach adequate guardians to address future issues. West (2004) noted in a distributed article the adverse consequence of the lack in nursing and of overseen care on the medical services framework. West announced that tiny examination gave arrangements that the wellbeing framework could start to enlist and hold medical attendants. There were signs that endeavored measures had not had any drawn out effect in the fulfillment and perspectives of attendants. The nursing conditions didn't be guaranteed to change and it was not well before another nursing lack lingered. West likewise noticed that the approach of PCs to smooth out understanding diagramming just diminished how much time enjoyed with patients, and that patient fulfillment rose when there was more prominent medical caretaker contact. West upheld offering sensible expense containing and efficient answers for the options that as of now existed, and detailed that nursing acquired strength by affinity with patients. To answer the quickly expanding more seasoned grown-up populace, endeavors to give financing to nursing programs exuded from different sources. A few schools started to add geriatric medical care to their educational plans, yet there won't be supportable change assuming individuals are anticipating that it should happen starting from the top that is by means of regulation, the media, or institutional advantages (West, 2004, p. 347). The trust patients have in clinics relates with their nursing care got. Despite the fact that nursing graduates would be supposed to enter the labor force acquainted with the assortment of supplier groups with whom they would team up, they additionally could end up remembered for wellbeing the board programs directed by phone and videophone. Because of the way that patients generally don't prevail to review huge parts of clinical proposal, concentrated short term observing, whether by phone or videophone, expanded early recognition of expected issues and give admission to data of wellbeing

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