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Music from the North and South

*Unit 1 DB: Music from the North and South (MUS121 Rhythm, Blues & Hip Hop)

Most of the R&B artists were from the South and doo-wop artists were from the North. What elements of each region’s culture and upbringing influenced their music?

When responding to at least two of your peers, offer an example of music from R&B and an example of music from doo-wop from this era. Does your musical example agree with what your peers have said in their initial response? How are doo-wop and R&B styles similar or different? Make sure to make formal connections to our readings and materials from this unit. When sharing your musical selections with the class, please use the mashup tool for YouTube.

How to Create a YouTube Mashup How to Create a YouTube Mashup – Alternative Formats
YouTube Instructions YouTube Instructions – Alternative Formats
*Unit 1 Discussion(ACC211 – Managerial Accounting)

Do you believe a firm must have a firm grasp of the concepts of differential cost, opportunity cost and sunk cost to be effective in making business decisions? Please be sure that your first post talks about these three different types of costs.

Consider giving examples – especially if you have examples within your own employment experience. Or – you can look for some online resources that offer you some other facets of this topic to discuss so that it isn’t just a rehash of the textbook. Don’t forget to cite any resources that you use – even the textbook!

*Unit 1 DB: Creating Value Through the Marketing Process (MKT200 Principles of Marketing)


For this conversation, you are being asked to share your opinions as a consumer. Share your personal experiences on a recent purchase with an online seller or retail store. What factors did you consider when deciding on your purchase? Was the price the most important factor? The quality? How did the promotion influence your decision?

Simulated Business Scenario:

The marketing process is intended to create value for the consumer. For example, customer satisfaction is dependent upon the product’s perceived performance relative to a buyer’s expectations. If the product performs as or better than the customer expected, they are likely satisfied and willing to purchase the product or service again. If the product does not meet customer expectations, the customers will likely not be satisfied and may write a poor review on the company and/or the product.


For this discussion, think of an example of a product or service offering that has either met or exceeded your expectations by creating value for you OR did not meet your expectations or create value for you. Write a review of that product/service. Give it a 1-5 star rating (1 being awful and 5 being awesome) and explain why you rated it the way you did.

Keep in mind, you are being asked to share your personal opinions and purchasing experiences!

*Unit 1.1 DB: Police Response (CRJ102 Introduction to Law Enforcement)

Discuss police response to civil disobedience, comparing how police responded in the 1960s and 1970s and how police respond today. What are the similarities and what are the differences? Give examples and support your answers and opinions

*Unit 1.2 DB: National Police Force (CRJ102 Introduction to Law Enforcement)

Law enforcement is primarily the responsibility of local governments (57.6 percent of the nation’s law enforcement employees work at the local level). Do you think we should have a national police force like other countries? Why or why not. Support your opinion.

Sample Solution

article by Ittner C and Larcker D (2000) they recommended the two benefits and disservices of Non-monetary measures. They offer four clear benefits over estimation frameworks dependent on monetary information. a. First of these is a nearer connection to long haul authoritative techniques. For instance, new item improvement or extending authoritative capacities might be significant key objectives, yet may prevent transient bookkeeping execution. By enhancing bookkeeping measures with non-monetary information about essential execution and execution of key plans, organizations can impart goals and give impetuses to supervisors to address long haul system. b. Second, pundits of conventional measures contend that drivers of achievement in numerous businesses are "theoretical resources" like scholarly capital and client steadfastness, rather than the "hard resources" permitted on to accounting reports. Despite the fact that it is hard to measure elusive resources in monetary terms, non-monetary information can give aberrant, quantitative signs of an association's immaterial resources. c. Third, non-monetary measures can be better signs of future monetary execution. In any event, when a definitive objective is augmenting monetary execution, current monetary measures may not catch long haul benefits from choices made at this point. d. At long last, the selection of measures ought to be founded on giving data about administrative activities and the degree of "clamor" in the actions. Commotion alludes to changes in the presentation measure that are past the control of the supervisor or association, going from changes in the economy to karma. Five essential constraints have been distinguished as detriments; First and foremost, Time and cost has been an issue for certain organizations. They have observed the expenses of a framework that tracks countless monetary and non-monetary measures can be more prominent than its advantages. Besides is that, not normal for bookkeeping measures, non-monetary information are estimated in numerous ways, there is no shared factor. Assessing execution or making compromises between credits is troublesome when some are named on schedule, some in amounts or rates and some in subjective ways. The third issue is an absence of causal connections with the fourth being the absence of factual unwavering quality – regardless of whether an action really addresses what it indicates to address, rather than irregular \"measurement error\". Lastly albeit monetary measures are probably not going to catch completely the many components of authoritative execution, carrying out an assessment framework with an excessive number of measures can prompt "estimation crumbling".

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