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“music of coordinated care?”

In discussing the questions below, what was the “music of coordinated care?”
What initial aassumptions did the doctor make related to the mother?
How were those assumptions challenged after the mother took action?

Sample Solution

Many linguists, including Chomsky believe that there is such thing as ‘Critical Period’. During this period, babies and children are primed to learn to learn a language and that beyond this period, learning a language without studying it becomes difficult. In some rare cases, children have been found in abusive situations where they have not been spoken to and therefore, they were unable to interact. The most famous of these cases was a girl known as Genie. She was rescued at the age of 13, from a household where she was almost never spoken to. When she was rescued she only knew a couple of words. She was then given intensive support and her number of words increased dramatically, but she did not manage to acquire the syntax (Whitehead, 1996) (Tassoni,2014). During the course of language acquisition, we must learn to perceive and produce particular types of sounds, associate many words with the appropriate meanings, combine the words to produce sentences and discover the rules that govern the manner in which speakers of a language communicate with one another. In order for us to learn, we must sort through and make sense of an impressive amount of information (Eysenck & Keane, 2015). In conclusion, at least some aspects of language development are dependent on innate capacities and knowledge that are specific to language. A nativist position proposed that both information processing skills specific to the acquisition of language and knowledge about certain aspects of language are believed to be passed on from generation to generation via the genes. According to this view, language is not learned but is innate (Foster-Cohen, 2009). On the other hand, however, another view assumes that children acquire language specific concepts and representations of their experiences with language rather than because the concepts and representations are innately specified. For example, children must learn that nouns are used to refer to certain objects, and therefore acquire the notion of nouns from this type of learning. A true explanation of language development will require a combination of innate and also environmental factors (Foster-Cohen, 2009).

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