Nash jewellers

Nash jewellers

The Executive Summary

The purpose of this document is to give a short, precise statement of the subject and key main recommendations of the report. If you could only write two pages about the content of your report, what would it be? This document is meant to stand alone giving enough detail to the reader to guide the implementation of the action plan detailed in the full report.
The form is as follows:
A short 4/5 line paragraph introducing the key facts and information. This section always ends with the same problem statement/ question that appear in the full report.
A statement of the recommended solution(s)  along with its justification and timelines (if possible)
A step-wise action plan of what needs to be done and why, along with any other limiting or relevant factors
A control and feedback/forward system must a step in the action plan (what to measure, the measurement tool, the accuracy of measurement needed, how often a measurement should be taken, and the maximum allowable deviation from set-point before corrective action is required).
A contingency plan – what to do if the plan needs corrective action. Identify the step in the plan that would likely be cause of the significant, correction requiring deviation, and detail how the correct should be carried out.

The Memo
This is usually one-page internal communication documents for a firm. There are numerous validate memo formats, but the one outlined below is the one I want you to use for my class.
Required Format
Date:         (relevant date stamp)
To:         (the decision-maker in the firm)
From:         (you)
Subject:     (problem statement/issue question – same as that which appears I both Executive Summary and Full report)
(a statement of what the proposed solution is and why, along with a relevant timeline, if necessary)
All key action plan implementation steps along with the justification for each
A control and feedback/feed forward mechanism
A contingency plan


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