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Nurses’ and the interdisciplinary team’s role in informatics

 Describe nurses’ and the interdisciplinary team’s role in informatics with a focus on
electronic health information and patient care technology to support decision making.
• Describe the security, privacy, and confidentially laws related to protecting
sensitive electronic health information that govern the interdisciplinary team.
• Explain the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration to safeguard sensitive
electronic health information.
 Implement evidence-based strategies to effectively manage protected health
• Identify evidence-based approaches to mitigate risks to patients and health
care staff related to sensitive electronic health information.
• Develop a professional, effective staff update that educates interprofessional

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virtues, and this is mine: I am one of the few honest people that I have ever known.” Nick Carraway’s morality is further highlighted by his self-appreciation and stream of consciousness as he realises the corruption and lack of morality governed by those he is associated with. Nick Carraway not only realises the moral dilapidation throughout those around him by the way in which they invite him to perform prohibited deeds in the eyes of others, but through the way in which they perform these cardinal sins when they believe no one is around. “I stared at (Wilson) and then at Tom, who had made a parallel discovery less than an hour before—and it occurred to me that there was no difference between men, in intelligence or race, so profound as the difference between the sick and the well.” Through the use of dramatic irony as viewers we are able to identify the lack of religious affiliation and ultimately morality throughout the infidelity of both Tom Buchanan and George Wilson, however we are only enlightened to the extent of moral corruption both men attain when Nick Carraway identifies these sins and unifies their indifferences. Although Tom may have riches, he is poor in virtue and is perhaps the least religious character throughout the text as he performs more sins than any other character. To a substantial degree the way in which my text, “The Great Gatsby” represents the intricate nature of moral dilapidation as a result of the lack of religion within the characters and replaces religion with the desire for wealth throughout the text, enlightens the way these representations of these explorations shape further meaning in resolute ways. Gender The way in which individuals and the beliefs which govern their society and those around them, play in role in determining the liberty of the individual based on their gender, can ultimately define the way they are treated throughout their human experiences. Throughout Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Ve

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