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Nursing Diagnosis: Ineffective coping

The client roles are:
Mr. Jones is a 69-year-old retired engineer. He was admitted to the in-patient psychiatric unit the previous day. His daughter had called the police when he locked himself in his bathroom and refused to come out. She thought he was suicidal. He was brought to the hospital by the police and was admitted on involuntary status. He has been reticent since admission but told his daughter he had no reason to live since his wife died.
Diagnosis: Major Depressive Disorder
Nursing Diagnosis: Risk for suicide.
Mrs. Alvarez is a 34-year-old female who has lived in this country for the past 10 yrs. She is a stay at home mom with three small children. Her husband works two jobs to support the family. Lately, she has been extremely anxious and fears that her children will become ill or injured. This seems to be an unrealistic concern, but she has been unable to sleep well and has lost 15 lbs. in the past month. She is a voluntary admission and states she knows she needs help.
Diagnosis: Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Nursing Diagnosis: Ineffective coping

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and the objective of the framework is to reach consensus that reduces the unknown domain. Nichols (2005) confirms that the cynefin model tend to proffers solutions to problems encountered by decision makers, reflects on management theory, thinking and practice. However, cynefin model challenges some basic assumptions, such as, certainty and perfection on earth, absolute rationality of individuals, and that all actions are results of underlying intentions and that situations are never circumstantial (Nichols, 2005). “The Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis” model uses procedures that analyze complex decisions based on distinct, conflicting criteria ; which samples the most preferred to the least preferred option; this model consists of a series of techniques such as weighted summation, concordance and analysis that facilitate the scoring, ranking, or weighting of decision-making criteria based on stakeholder preferences (Suedel et al, 2011). These techniques ideally operate within a transparent framework that encourages informed decision-making by providing opportunities for genuine, substantive participation in decision-making and the best available scientific knowledge that recognises uncertainties in an honest, rigorous and consistent manner (Suedel et al., 2011). Montibeller and Franco (2010) initially proposed the use of multi-criteria decision analysis for strategic decision-making and pioneered its implementation in the context of strategy workshops and later within organizations. Similarly, Ram et al, (2011) proposed a six-step framework that used multi- criteria decision analysis in the evaluation of strategic options. Montibeller & Franco (2011) suggest that in multi-criteria decision analysis, the alternatives have scores based on stipulated criteria normally on an interval or ratio scales. Thereafter, assignments of weights to the criteria and computation with an appropriate process is necessary to account for value or utility functions, goal programming, outranking or descriptive/multivariate statistical methods to determine the rank of the alternatives (Ram et al., 2011). However, one of the greatest challenges associated with multi-criteria decision analysis is how to compare and combine different metrics (Suedel et al., 2011). The multi-criteria analysis model have other limitations like the problems of multi-criteria choice, multi-criteria ranking and multi-criteria sor

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