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Nursing Leadership and Management

You work in a public health agency. It is the agency’s policy that at least one public health nurse is available in the office every day. Today is your turn to remain in the office. From 1 PM to 5 PM, you will be the public health nurse at the scheduled immunization clinic; you hope to be able to spend some time finishing your end-of-month reports, which are due at 5 PM. The office stays open during lunch; you have a luncheon meeting with a Cancer Society group from noon to 1 PM today. The registered nurse in the office is to serve as a resource to the receptionist and handle patient phone calls and drop-ins. In addition to the receptionist, you may delegate appropriately to a clerical worker. However, the clerical worker also serves the other clinic nurses and is usually fairly busy. While you are in the office today trying to finish your reports, the following interruptions occur:

8:30 AM: Your supervisor, Anne, comes in and requests a count of the diabetic and hypertensive patients seen in the last month.

9:00 AM: An upset patient is waiting to see you about her daughter who just found out that she is pregnant.

9:00 AM: Three drop-in patients are waiting to be interviewed for possible referral to the chest clinic.

9:30 AM: The public health physician calls you and needs someone to contact a family about a child’s immunization.

9:30 AM: The dental department drops off 20 referrals and needs you to pull charts of these patients.

10:00 AM: A confused patient calls to find out what to do about the bills that he has received.

10:45 AM: Six families have been waiting since 8:30 AM to sign up for food vouchers.

11:45 AM: A patient calls about her drug use; she does not know what to do. She has heard about Narcotics Anonymous and wants more information now.

DQ: How would you handle each interruption? Justify your decisions. Do not forget lunch for yourself and the two office workers.

Sample Solution

ussion involved many literary bloggers and columnists, including Elizabeth Catton for Noted who commented that ‘The idea that a work of literature might require something of its reader in order to be able to provide something to its reader is equivalent’…‘to the idea that a cut-price mobile phone might require a very expensive charger in order for it to function’ and argued that literature ‘simply cannot be’ elitist because ‘a book cannot be selective of its readership; nor can it insist upon the conditions under which it is read or received. The degree to which a book is successful depends only on the degree to which it is loved.’ (Catton, 2013). Despite these protestation, however, the fact that the unnamed reader expressed a sense of being condescended to by an author and the fact that their tweet about it gained popularity and sympathy would indicate that this is a widely felt sentiment about literature. The fact that literary experts like Catton and bloggers for literary websites were the ones to vehemently defend literature from the accusation of elitism, especially in articles that implied ignorance, laziness and churlishness on the part of the accusers, may ironically only prove this further. This select group who claim to truly understand literature better than an average consumer represent the sense of elitism that surrounds, if not the books themselves, the literary world, making it feel inaccessible and even haughty for those who aren’t members of the clique. It is arguable, therefore, that classic, canonical literature carries modern cultural connotations of elitism and esotericism, and that a recent growth in populism in the West could be responsible for the rejection of things like literature which are felt to be elitist. As a result, novelists and their publishers who wish to sell successfully are inclined to produce genre fiction as opposed to literary fiction, and aim to entertain and immediately identify with their reader instead of looking to achieve artistically. Profit as an aim, although not new among career authors (Charles Dickens is known for having been paid by the word when his stories were serialised in magazines, and as a result an appreciation of length can be observed in all of his novels), means that publishers are increasingly under pressure to release novels with mass-market appeal, regardless of their literary value. This correlation means that the decline of literary fiction novels can be directly ascribed to a decline in consumer demand for them, and populism is one potential root of this.

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