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Nursing metaparadigm

3 double spaced pages explaining the four concept in nursing metaparadigm reflectedreflected in Faye G. Abdellahs patient centered theorytheory.

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ed the banning of ballistic missiles proposed by Gorbachev and the Moscow Summit of 1988 allowed Gorbachev and Reagan to finalise the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty. Reagan’s goal was to convince Gorbachev that America desired peace above all else. Therefore, Pemberton considers Reagan to have positively impacted the end of the Cold War through his contribution to the 5 summits he had with Gorbachev. Pemberton argues Reagan “envisioned possibilities for change that many experts ridiculed” but he had difficulties convincing experts to implement the ideas he wanted to within the system. Although initially a “hard-line anticommunist”, he changed his views and his foreign policy because he “joined with Mikhail Gorbachev to bring the Cold War to an end”. After reaching a consensus with Gorbachev, Reagan made drastic changes in which he “directed the biggest defence buildup in history” and “disconcerted his arms control experts by envisioning a world free of nuclear weapons and by taking the first important steps towards achieving the goal” which exemplifies Reagan’s change in attitude to the Cold War. Reagan was extremely influential in the Cold War, especially solidifying a relationship with Gorbachev. In spite of this, although Reagan had a role in the end of the Cold War, he was not the main reason in leading to its end because the main reason was the Eastern European countries gaining independence which directly impacted on the Soviets, disintegrating the Union. Pemberton depicts Reagan as a leader who relied on his advisors and was “perfectly willing for others to act for him if they stayed in line with his general policy”, suggesting he was less actively involved in the end of the Cold War compared to Gorbachev, again emphasising that his presidency was not the most important in influencing the end of the Cold War. His advisors were more active than Reagan who was too passive questioning the extent to which he actually contributed in the Cold War coming to an end. After his “Middle Eastern peace initiatives did not get far” and the “large exclusion from the Iranian policy”, he acted as a more involved individual in the Cold War which meant that “great successes came in Soviet-American relations”. By having a rather harmonious relationship, Reagan regained some form of credibility and it was at this point where Pemberton highlights his contribution to the Cold War’s end. Furthermore, Reagan’s advisors had strong opinions towards Soviet-American relations which inhibited the growth of the relations. For example, Weinberger had “little interest in negotiating with the Soviets” which acted as a hindering factor on the progress of Soviet-American relations. On the other hand, Shultz “clearly understood Reagan intended his defence buildup to be a prologue to negotiations with the Soviets” which Weinberger did not, so conflict arose between the two advisors. Shultz outlined Weinberger doesn’t “analyze things” which affects the decisions suggested by him since he takes rushed actions and he does not consider the long-term positive impacts. Alternatively, he takes into consideration the short-term consequences. Thus, this enhances the ambiguity behind whether Reagan’s leadership truly led to the end of the Cold War or not because it looks like his advisors suggested conflicting ideas to him. Oberdorfer:

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